The Basilique, 29 October 2014

The Basilique, 29 October 2014. Click on any image to open it in its full-size version on Flickr (they all open in a new tab).

Another historical region on the Second Life grid is going to close its doors, and I am especially saddened to hear that this particular sim is closing. On her blog, Canary “Becky” Beck announced yesterday that her region, the Basilique (Isoloto di Garda) will close on the 30th of September, unless someone steps in by the 23rd to take over the region to keep it alive; if this happens, not only the region, but also the use of all public buildings and furnishings will be transferred.

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What am I to do with all this junk?

What am I to do with all this junk? – Click on any clickable image for the full-size version (they open in a new tab).

Every now and then, on Plurk and other platforms used by SL users, some dismayed user will ask for help with managing their inventory, because it has become bloated, terribly disorganised, and, as a direct consequence, it’s become terribly hard for them to find the things they need when they need them. Bloated and disorganised inventories are also linked to a serious drop in the viewer’s performance. Having gone through similar situations myself, I’ve devised several methods that can be of help, and I’ll offer them below.

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It’s no secret that, for what amounts to centuries in SL, the Maitreya Lara mesh body has maintained a competitive edge over the Slink Physique, because its proportions accommodate a wider variety of avatar shapes and because it’s a lot more convenient and cost-effective than the Physique. The HUD has always been easier to navigate, you only need to purchase one applier HUD for body, hands and feet, and, finally, the autohide/autoshow kit really makes a customer’s life easier and adds value to both the garment and the mesh body itself.


Am I the only one who’s annoyed by half-assed offerings by SL fashion designers? Click on the image to go to its full-size version on Flickr.

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Brand New Colony (Sept. 2017) - Click on the image for the full-size version.

Brand New Colony (Sept. 2017) – Click on any image for its full-size version on Flickr (opens in a new tab).

After the Great Purge, I’ve been spending some time rummaging through my blog’s archives these days, cleaning up the categorisation structure. I noticed that the last time I posted anything about any in-world destination was way back in 2013; ever since then, my blog has been almost exclusively all about SL-related news and opinions, and some personal notes. So, one of my in-world friends suggested that I visit Brand New Colony, an adult-rated homestead region owned and designed by Bunny Blessed (Svelte Blessed) and Mimara Blessed (Mimara).

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When I first joined Second Life, way back in 2006, I was one of the many people who earned their Lindens in SL’s then-flourishing sex trade – this is something I freely and readily admit. In the era of system layer clothing, prim shoes, and prim hair, many people who later went on to become major or minor SL fashionistas frequented establishments like the ones I was working at and inquired about our garments and accessories, from shoes to collars and from hair to clothing.

As always, click on the image for the full-size version (opens in new tab).

Then came the era of sculpties, with Stiletto Moody and N-Core ruling the roost w.r.t. heels, and then came rigged mesh. Although I had all but lost interest in SL’s sex trade, I still had friends in the scene and sometimes visited them at work. Problem is, I had already pretty much abandoned system layer clothing and switched to mesh. And many of those establishments had a guideline for escorts and patrons to not wear mesh garments, because some people “couldn’t see mesh” or were seriously lagged down by it. While the latter was true in crowded areas, the former I found ridiculous. Since you’re supposed to be running a current viewer that supports mesh, why are you telling me you “can’t see mesh”?

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