A quick note of endorsement

Like everyone, I also have my favourite websites, blogs, authors and such. To be completely honest, until fairly recently, I had been mostly reading RL blogs, mostly of a political flavour and, occasionally, I had been reading various SL blogs, mostly fetish-related or fashion-related. Then I branched out and saw that there is a wide variety of SL-related blogs out there, with some of them owned by bloggers whose posts are of an exceptionally high standard.

I must say that perhaps my favourite SL blogger out there is Inara Pey (also known as “Exotix”) and I follow both of Her blogs, both “Living In a Modem World – Thoughts on Virtual Living” and “Devices and Desires | D/s in the Virtual Domain“.

Of these two blogs, the former is of general SL interest and has good, reliable information on Second Life (and the developments – mostly technical – with Linden Lab), tutorials, useful ways to solve problems and also opinion articles on the social and personal aspect of Second Life, as well as many great presentations of regions and events. I would say She does some really good SL journalism.

The latter blog is, of course, related to D/s (Dominance and submission) and its portrayal in Second Life. Although it has far fewer articles than the general interest one, the essays contained therein are extremely useful to anyone wishing to explore this aspect of sensuality, romance and sexuality. With Her experience, She dispels many myths and misconceptions. She can be a great guide in one’s journey in the world of D/s.

Furthermore, I happen to know Her personally in-world and must say that Her presence in my SL is a great honour, as She is an extremely witty, charming, intelligent and good-natured person, confirming the impressions Her blogs gave me. In a nutshell, I highly recommend Her blogs and her work and I think adding them to your blogroll is well worth it.


Mona (formerly slutrix)


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4 thoughts on “A quick note of endorsement

  1. I have enjoyed reading her blog for a good while and have tweeted her and re blogged her and slapped her info to my profile feed many time. I enjoy her style and her taste! I spend most of my time on her SL related blog then her lifestyle blog but I have visited there as well.

    I am enjoying your blog as well slutrix!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Colleen. While the D/s lifestyle may not be to everyone’s taste, for those so inclined (or at least wanting to learn about it), Her lifestyle blog is one of the better resources one can find in SL (and RL). Her general SL-related blog is also one of the most concise. As for you, keep up your great work! 🙂

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