On an unrelated note (sort of)…

Today, as I was writing my post on my Cyber-Knossos project, I had started taking snapshots of the build so that I could show you what I was doing. However, for reasons that are well beyond my grasp, one of the snapshots (I even saw it in the preview of the snapshot floater in my viewer, but saved it anyway – and the next one was just the same) ended up like this:


Borked snapshot

The next one was pretty much the same, like I said. So, I relogged and went back to my beloved habit of snappity-snap-snapping away. And I ended up with this (see the red circle – the top of the pillar was simply invisible, so were other objects):


Missing prims (rez fail)

Of course, the prims weren’t really missing; they just hadn’t rezzed. At any rate, this didn’t stop me from working on the build. But still, I wonder what causes these graphics glitches. Could it be the crappy ATI/AMD drivers for Linux that caused that borked snapshot? As for the rez fail, what causes it? Beats me.


Mona (formerly slutrix)


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