Just a quick update

Yes, I haven’t blogged in quite a while. No, I’m not dead and I haven’t quit or anything. It’s just that RL work and some SL projects and developments have required my attention and several of them need to be worked on before I post anything. Here’s what to expect to read from me in the next  few weeks (or days):

  1. An article on Linden Lab’s hypocritical (at best) stance regarding users’ behaviour and its own Terms of Service; this will deal with (a) the ludicrous demand for “General-rated” (i.e. suitable for toddlers) user profiles, a demand that is utterly ridiculous when services like Flickr allow users to set their content’s maturity level for themselves and report inappropriately rated content, (b) its complete inactivity towards griefing (and recently griefing has taken on a criminal dimension, since griefers now blackmail their victims, as has happened in the Junkyard Blues), as documented and criticized by excellent bloggers like Honour McMillan and Inara Pey – in alphabetical order – , an inactivity that has led to the development and proliferation of spyware/scamware like the RedZone and the Gemini CDS Ban Relay, as well as the creation of Golden Dawn/Minuteman Project-like vigilantes like the “Justice League Unlimited”, a gang of griefers that fashions itself as a self-appointed anti-griefer police in Second Life. The fact that one can find griefer weapons (with the bullshit “don’t use them for griefing” disclaimer) on the SL marketplace and that reporting these items is a (deliberately?) convoluted process shall not go uncommented. Neither shall the rumours/claims that a former Linden was in close cooperation with the Justice League Unlimited griefers, or a number of other fiascos which, given proper publicity, could force Linden Lab to file for bankruptcy after an unprecedented exodus of residents and a few thousands of lawsuits, even by the authorities themselves.
  2. An article (which will hopefully spark a discussion) on the desirable and meaningful functionality that a suite of RLV restrictions system should have for D/s-oriented play. Among the issues I want to touch there will be the use of display names or user names, as well as functionalities that have the potential of causing unnecessary drama.
  3. A series of articles on how my fetish-related appearance has evolved through the times, along with relevant instructions.
  4. Updates on how my project on making a sci-fi take on the ancient Minoan city of Knossos is progressing.

So, that’s what’s been brewing in my pot these past few days. It’ll take some time as I juggle between RL work and personal life, SL personal life and projects and this blog, and I’m not keen on sacrificing any of these two for SL blogging. So, I write as time permits. In the meantime, you all have a good time, and I’ll see you soon.


Mona (formerly slutrix)


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