Women are Rising in Second Life – and we have the video that shows it!

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Today we are very proud to announce the release of our special video for One Billion Rising in Second Life.

This video was made to promote the 24 hour event on Thursday 14th February, running from 12 midnight to twelve midnight, with 24 hours of music, dance, art and celebration.


The video was made by women of Second Life, and we will be posting a list of the names on the One Billion Rising website later today, together with a list of the locations where it was filmed, so that you can visit these amazing places within Second Life.

Remember – we are planning to livestream the event itself so that people around the world will be able to watch it – and join in too!

The one caveat, of course, is that glitches happen and something will crash. However, no matter what the temporary difficulties are, just be patient. It will resume as quickly as possible.

You will be able to find the livestream using this link.  We hope to see you inworld, but if you can’t make it please do join us online.

My own comment here: kudos and praise must be given to all those who work for this great initiative and support and promote it. Many thanks to every woman, girl, man and boy who is supporting this campaign; who is supporting women’s right to dignity and safety; to all those who are supporting their mothers, wives, friends, lovers, colleagues, teachers and sisters and are taking a stand against a “culture” that wants women to be objects, prey and bounty. As for the “select few” who have attempted to denigrate and belittle this campaign with their  trolling, they should be ashamed of themselves – as for the cliques of these unsavoury and disgraceful persons, they should be doubly ashamed of themselves, especially if they are (or portray themselves as) women in Second Life. — Mona (formerly slutrix)


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2 thoughts on “Women are Rising in Second Life – and we have the video that shows it!

  1. I’m a guy and i only now saw this stunningly creative video, but it was amazing! It was beautiful, thought-provoking and inspiring. My hat is off to those who participated and produced this, fully utilizing Second Life locales!

    1. Hello Dante.

      Thank you for your comment and I apologise for taking so long to get back to you. Thank you for your kind words; they are greatly appreciated by everyone who helped the One Billion Rising campaign. We will continue.

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