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NOTICE: The article below deals with adult topics and fantasies and contains fetish imagery. If you are offended by this sort of thing or are not a legal adult, I suggest you leave this instant.

I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted anything here, but I’ve been tremendously busy in RL and, while a large number of posts are still in draft form, I still haven’t gotten around to finishing them. Today, though, I managed to put a new post together.

As I’ve explained elsewhere, I’ve always been fascinated by latexwear; this includes its usage both in the fashion world and in the fetish realm. In Second Life (SL), I have been an avid buyer of latexwear and frequent wearer. I must say here that a major attraction with SL is the fact that it allows me to indulge anytime I want, and sometimes in ways that are simply impossible in RL.


The basic look…

Call me slutrix...

And here I am with the GrollWerk Hood.

Since last October, I’ve been experimenting with a new (at least for me) latex look; I first saw it presented and also explained in-depth in two posts (1 and 2) at Inara Pey’s excellent “Devices and Desires | D/s in the virtual Domain” blog, which, above all other such blogs and websites I’ve seen so far, is the one I recommend to anyone who is seriously interested in learning more about having a D/s relationship in a virtual world.

I’ve already explained my longtime fascination with latexwear and I’ve mentioned my source of inspiration as well. Even though I first read about this look at Inara Pey’s D/s blog, it all started with Spikeheel Starr (Spikey for those of us who know her), whom I view as a pioneer in everything pertaining to fetish style. She and a friend of hers (who used to go by the display name/nickname “Onyx” at that time) had worked on using a mesh avatar for a latex-encased look, providing more realistic shininess and reflections than the “painted-on” ones used in “system layer” latex catsuits until then. “Onyx” was the one that figured out how to hide the avatar’s hands and feet to enable use of different shoes, as well as to enable use of bondage mittens.

This look is influenced by the “bane” look that is popular among a number of people within the BDSM and latex communities in SL (the “bane” concept was first introduced and popularised by Evil-Dolly’s “Eudeamon” story), but with several differences, with the most noticeable one being that the wearer doesn’t have to be isolated from others all the time, which suits me fine, because, as I’ve explained in my previous post where I provide information about my fascination with latexwear, I’m not really into the bane concept that dictates 100%, 24/7 isolation from others, and also I believe that restrictions need to be applied when they’re actually meaningful, useful and desirable – restrictions should be used to enhance one’s experience in SL instead of being a burden that hampers one’s enjoyment of this extremely diverse and interesting virtual world. The overall look can be seen in the pictures flanking the text (left and right) – currently, it comes in two basic forms, each characterised by its own distinct hood; on the left, you see the version with the ER Fetish Doll Hood, while on the right you see the version with the GrollWerk T-Ease Hood (from the T-Ease suit), which is the incarnation of this look that i use most of the time nowadays.

It’s an addictive and exciting look and I really like it a lot – in fact, I like it so much that only on very rare occasions am I seen out of it; it has become an integral part of my virtual identity and my SL experience ever since I adopted it (I’ve also blogged about my first four months in this look, also touching upon my experience from my interactions with others). From the first time I saw it on Inara Pey’s blog, I was hooked and, when I started sorting it out, the more I looked at it, the more I loved it  (and also kept finding little details here and there that I wanted to work on, improve and adapt to my own needs and wishes). Also, I’ve adopted (inspired by Inara Pey, but going a few steps further in terms of boldness and audacity) a name change to accompany it: “slutrix” (I’ll make a post later to explain this). Inara Pey has opted for Exotix, while Spikey had set the trend months ago by using the “Erotrix” display name for a while – although, I must admit that I eventually dropped this moniker, as I wanted something more versatile.

It goes without saying that no fetish outfit of this nature would be complete without kinky attachments and pieces of equipment to enhance its functionality: communications and vision restrictors, power cell systems, etc. Later on, I might blog about how my take on this look has evolved from the day I adopted it until today, but this will of course depend on the interest shown. And at this point, I believe I should stop talking and show you a few pictures…

Me and You, You and me, alone on the earth... Exotix and I together; She's laying down and enjoying a massage from me. :)

You and me, alone on the Earth… Exotix and I together; She’s laying down and enjoying a massage from me. 🙂

The power cell (below); The button with the green illumination above it controls my ability to teleport.

The power cell (below, with the cyan power meter and the light green power switch); The illuminated green button above it controls my ability to teleport.

Ready for take-off...

Ready for take-off…

Waking up into a new life...

Waking up into a new life…

On a Minoan-style balcony...

On a Minoan-style balcony…


Mona (formerly slutrix)


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