Whiskey’s E-scapes

A fact that often eludes the public at large is that virtual worlds like Second Life offer incredible possibilities for creative and often artistic expression: within Second Life (and other virtual worlds), you will find beautiful art installations, reproductions of great Real Life (RL) builds, etc. There are even users whose SL residences are works of art in and by themselves and well worth visiting and enjoying. The possibilities of this virtual world may have been largely unnoticed by the mainstream media, but they certainly have not escaped the attention of many extremely gifted and talented artists who have embraced this platform.

Whiskey Monday's E-Scapes exhibition at the Kelly Yap Art Gallery

Whiskey Monday’s E-scapes exhibition at the Kelly Yap Art Gallery

One such artist is Whiskey Monday; she is a supremely talented artist who conjures gorgeous images in the virtual world and captures them for us all to see. I’ve yet to meet her in-world, but her presence on her blog and on Twitter shows an incredibly creative person, with a caring and warm personality. It would be fair to say that her images come not just from her mind, but straight from her heart: they never fail to touch the viewer’s psyche. They reach far beyond what we expect of virtual world imagery and are works of art in their own right.

Last November, Whiskey crossed the divide and started offering prints of her magnificent images through Fine Art America. The images can be bought in a variety of formats, including giclée prints on art grade paper, canvas prints or even greeting cards, in a comprehensive range of sizes and at reasonable prices.

"Publish" - One of Whiskey's amazing images distributed through Fine Art America.

“Publish” – One of Whiskey’s amazing images distributed through Fine Art America.

Starting today, and for two months (until the 15th of July), Whiskey exhibits a range of her gorgeous work under the general title “E-scapes” at the Kelly Yap Art Gallery in Healy. The images presented were all created and composed in-world and they are intended to evoke a feeling of solitude, although Whiskey has chosen to not add any text or subtext to them, preferring to let them speak for themselves to the hearts of the onlookers instead.

Whiskey Monday at the Kelly Yap Art Gallery

Whiskey Monday at the Kelly Yap Art Gallery

Whether you are familiar with her work or not, I urge you to visit the exhibition and have a look at the images for yourself; as a matter of fact, to say that I urge you to visit the exhibition is quite an understatement. I’m quite sure you’ll end up purchasing quite a few of her images – all items on display are for sale. And don’t forget to visit her blog and her Flickr stream as well.




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