Ruminations on Blogging, Second Life and Change

Update 28/7/2017: I modified the last paragraph.

A while ago, I responded – for the first time in my blogging life – to a blogging meme/challenge; in response to Strawberry Singh‘s “Why Do Ι Blog?” blogger challenge, I wrote a piece titled “My relationship with blogging“. Whereas memes in general don’t appeal to me as most aren’t meant to make people think, this particular one was – and it made me reflect upon what I want this blog to be, what I want to write about, even what I want to do in Second Life itself.

As I’ve written elsewhere, this is not the first time I’ve tried to put a blog on my existence in Second Life together. I’ve tried before in the past, but my efforts were erratic, sporadic and unfocused. If I’m completely honest, I’ve often felt that my chosen topics didn’t leave me with much that was worth blogging about anyway. Fashion? Most SL-related blogging is about fashion and, more often than not, the way SL fashion is presented is nothing I’d want to have anything to do with anyway. Sex and romance? Pretty much everything that can be said there has been covered quite a few times before; not to mention that many blogs discussing such topics are not particularly interesting anyway or have become inactive because even their owners have given up on them.

It was only fairly recently (in November 2012) that I started blogging on a more-or-less regular basis, using a persona that I had adopted for my exploration of D/s and for indulging in my fantasies around latexwear. I hoped that some of my writings, the ones that were built upon the articles of Inara Pey on Her D/s-related blog, would help make my point-of-view w.r.t. D/s, fetishism etc. clear; I also hoped that my writings would go some way towards dispelling some misconceptions, misrepresentations and misunderstandings concerning D/s and its application in SL. Of course, I didn’t expect that a start-up blog with a small readership would be able to reach and affect enough people to bring about any significant change in the popular perception of D/s and what relates to it.

But things change, as do attitudes. Relatively early on I realised that I wanted to widen my blogging activity’s scope and write about a much more diverse range of topics, even including RL matters. Then, some developments in the rendering pipeline meant that my once-midrange laptop can now run in deferred mode (with the “Advanced Lighting Model” activated) all the time and maintain serviceable frame rates on most occasions. This encouraged me to explore far more than I once did – and even properly enjoy what the creators and owners of various gorgeous sims worked hard to create.

Then, there are personal reasons; personal acquaintances that reintroduced me to SL. You all know who you are – thank you for everything you’ve shown, taught and given me. And above all, I must thank a certain someone, a very, very special person here in SL who is extremely dear to me and has really turned everything around for me and has given and taught me more than I could ever write about.

As a result, I gradually widened the range of my topics, to cover great SL destinations I visited, art exhibitions, issues regarding the politics of SL and how it is perceived by the public at large. Nowadays, this blog is more about Second Life than about a specific set of activities within it. “What about D/s and fetish-related posts?”, one may ask. Well, I have not given up on writing about these topics. Several posts on these topics have either been deleted, or hidden from public view. I’ve lost interest in these topics, I no longer care to associate my blog with them, and some posts really feel more like emotional baggage now. So, I guess this should give you an idea of what has been going on with my blog lately. It’s changed, as have I and my interests within SL.