The University of Arkansas offers Second Life residents L$500 to fill out a survey

By way of Daniel Voyager, I became aware that the University of Arkansas is conducting, through the New York-based Social Research Foundation, a survey within Second Life and offers each participant L$500 for their time. All SL residents over the age of 18, regardless of country of residence, are eligible.

The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and consists of 30 questions. The aim of the survey, the results of which will be published in a top research journal later in the year, is to determine how college students evaluate their professors on measures of competence, legitimacy, and interpersonal skills. The L$500 reward will be paid to the participants when the survey closes. As explained in the survey’s website, this is necessary to verify the responses. Participants will receive an email to go and click the survey’s custom pay kiosk at their SL office in Non-Profit Commons. The kiosk will pay them L$500 immediately.

As a special bonus, 5 participants will win a free survey consisting of up to ten questions for their own SL business or group.

Survey requirements:

  • An email address that you check daily, so that you will not miss the survey’s starting date
  • Avatar name as it appears in Second Life search
  • REGISTER ONCE – multiple registrations will be disqualified