Madpea Art Festival

Last week was rather hectic in RL, so I couldn’t blog as often as I’d like and numerous topics came up, but they were all reduced to being just notes that didn’t become posts. Now, though,  I have more time on my hands and I’ll try to cover some of  what I (almost) missed.

So, on the 15th of June and running until the 23rd, the Madpea Art Festival – the first of its kind to be organised by game developers Madpea (and co-sponsored by Branwen Arts, Cha Klaar and Sally Lavender) – is held, hosting 24 artists in a Tron-esque setting (“a cyber-city display”, as Madpea’s people call it). The festival displays several kinds of art: sculptures, abstract, immersive, even some erotic works. Among the  artists featured are: Solkide Auer, Giovanna Cerise, Safi Farspire, Fuschia Nightfire, ArtWolf  Eternal, Rhea Choral, Ginger Lorakeet , Yaiza Galicia, DavidWeiner Resident, Anrod Meads, Graham Collinson, Harter Fall, Rebeca Bashly, Fae Varriale,  Moeuhane Sandalwood, Daruma, Jessicabelmer, Kylie Sabra, AniWitt, Rag Randt, MadPeas, voidheart mistwalker, Morlita Quan, FirleFanz Roxley and Noke Yuitza.

As is standard fare for art exhibitions, visitors can also buy copies of the artworks on display.

The cyber-city landscape at the Madpea Art Festival

The cyber-city display at the Madpea Art Festival

The event is not restricted to the display of artwork; instead, it features a rich entertainment schedule and so you will also be able to enjoy live performances, dance groups and live DJs. For the full details of the event, including the entertainment schedule, please read the announcement at Madpea’s blog.

Some of the pieces of art on display at the Madpea Art Festival

Some of the pieces of art on display at the Madpea Art Festival




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    Don’t miss this exciting event. It’s a beautiful, modernistic build–reminiscent of TRON. I’m exhibiting there and could not be more delighted.

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