RFL of SL 2013: Relay Weekend is on its way

A few days ago (23 June, in fact), Gem Sunkiller informed us that $300,000 had been raised during this year’s season of RFL of SL, and that the Relay Weekend, which is already upon us, is yet to come. For those that may not know it, Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is the Second Life part of Relay For Life (the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraiser), and is an annual fundraising activity for the purposes of the American Cancer Society. Some time ago, I had covered Fantasy Faire 2013, an event to support the fight against cancer, held in collaboration with RFL of SL. This year, the Relay Weekend is scheduled for the  coming weekend, 13-14 July and celebrates the American Cancer Society’s 100th Anniversary with the theme “100 Years of Hope“.

As was the case in previous years, the activities of the Relay Weekend will focus on the Relay Track, which spans 34 regions. These regions will be divided in Past, Present and Future areas. Besides the main event, there will also be five activity regions featuring live DJs, art shows, a silent auction, snail racing, a Raffle for Relay, a flea market, and a special “Teams R Us” clubhouse where the teams will be able to host events away from the track – a good idea to counter lag.

The Weekend will start on Saturday 13 July at 10:00AM SLT (please remember that all times are SLT) with the Opening Ceremony and the presentation  of the 2013 Fundraiser Club Banner Awards to the teams. Then the track walks will start, beginning with the ‘Honor Walk’, a CELEBRATE lap for which 100 cancer survivors have registered. This will be  followed by the team spirit lap.

At 9:00PM, the track regions will be turned to midnight, so that thousands of luminaria (candles) along the track will be lit; each one of these luminaria will represent a survivor or someone who passed from cancer. During the course of one hour, people will walk in silence as the dedications will be read over the broadcasting system (which is hosted by T1 Radio). This is going to be the REMEMBER lap.

At 6:00AM, the FIGHT  BACK Ceremony will begin: here, people will gather together to make a personal pledge to do their part in the fight against cancer; this could really be anything: a pledge to have a regular breast exam, a pledge to quit smoking, a pledge to adopt a healthy diet, etc.

The Closing Ceremony begins on Sunday, 14 June, at 10:00AM and it will be followed by a final Victory lap at 11:00AM. The Raffle for Relay and the Silent Auction will stay open until Sunday afternoon. Again, all times SLT.

Gem’s post also includes a personal message from Stingray9798 Raymaker (Jeff Montegut, the American Cancer Society’s staff partner to SL’s Relay). The message is as follows:

“Thanks to the tremendous support of our volunteers, teams, committee members, and corporate partners, we have raised an astonishing amount of money and are getting so close to an all-time total of 2 million dollars raised in Second Life. This important contribution is money that funds the mission of the American Cancer Society – research, education, and prevention.  I’m looking forward to personally thanking everyone at this years event!”

Cancer is a reality we all live with: many people we have known even in our own families have had to fight cancer – and survived or died from it. RFL of SL is about bringing people together. People who don’t know each other. Bringing them together in the effort against cancer. I encourage everyone to support this great event, and not only because I’m one of the millions of people who have had family members fight cancer. It’s about everyone.




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Ceremony regions:

There are four entrances to the Ceremonies Stage. If one is full, try another! ​

(Please use RFL Activities 3 entrance ONLY if the other three entrances are full, so that we can be able to keep tp’ing speakers in if they crash)


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