Another restart…

Throughout the years I’ve owned this homestead, I’ve tried to make a build inspired by the Minoan civilisation, Europe’s first important culture – which was, as it seems, created by one of the oldest European peoples. Progress on this has never been consistent or smooth; In older days, when I tried to essentially recreate the palace of the Homeric king Nestor (a smaller Mycenaean build that seemed to be easier to build on a homestead), I ran out of prims while I was halfway through the build, as I hadn’t taken advantage of convex hull physics. As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure this feature was available back then.

Now, I’ve pretty much settled for a build that will be based on the Minoan palace ancient Knossos. If I ran out of prims back then, what makes me think I’ll avoid running into such problems with such a huge build? Extensive use of convex hull physics and mesh is the answer. So, I started… The first attempt was abortive and I dare say it was a bit of scouting ahead, to see how the parts would work with each other. However, it deviated a lot from the ancient original. So, I started over.

And now I’m starting over again. Again? Yes, again. You see, I visited the archaeological site of Knossos on Friday and saw just how the whole build really was. My recollection of an older visit had faded, and all the information I mustered from the web proved to be inadequate and confusing. So, I’m starting over, and this time I’m going to plan things ahead much better – and also I’m going to try to make as much of it with mesh, in an attempt to optimise it as much as possible to reduce land impact and improve performance as much as possible.

But what is it that I want to make? Well, I  want to make a futurism-meets-fantasy-meets-ancient-lore build that will combine elements of cosmic, sci-fi and fantasy builds with an existing architectural background; what I’m really trying to achieve, however, is not the creation of yet another dystopian sim; I want it to look and feel pleasant, inviting and have an aura of freedom. Also, this build will not be solely made for myself. Instead, I plan to eventually open it to the public.

So, no pictures to see right now – the land has been all but emptied. When am I going to have real news? Later on. But right now, it’s back to the drawing board.






2 thoughts on “Another restart…

    1. I know – that’s how I cut the pillars down to 3LI each from 6LI. However, I was astonished during my visit to the archaeological site in RL: floors and corridors paved with alabaster-encrusted slabs, various building blocks made from quartz (!!!), proper, separate water supply and sewage removal networks… It was simply astounding. Really, the only real progress in later palatial builds were window panes made of glass (instead of leather).

      Basically, this build makes the Versailles look like an exercise in pompous excess that reeked of urine and ca-ca, thinly disguised by heavy perfumes.

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