The Shepherd and the Yuppie

Once upon a sunny Sunday, an aging shepherd had taken his flock out to graze. A shiny BMW, driven by a sharp-dressed yuppie rolled near him and its driver wound his window down and said “Hello old man. If I can figure out how many sheep you have, will you give me one?” “Let me see you do it,” said the shepherd.

So, the yuppie opened the driver’s door, hooked up his brand-new tablet to the car’s power outlet (what once was the cigarette lighter, for you oldtimers out there), connected to all sorts of maps, databases and whatnot, typed various queries, and a few moments later, beaming with glee and self-confidence, he told the shepherd: “You have three hundred and seventy-six sheep! Is that right?” “That’s correct,” said the shepherd calmly. “So, is our bet on?” asked the yuppie. “Of course. Pick one and it’s yours.” So he did. And he picked the animal up and put it in the boot of his car.

As he was about to shut the bootlid, the shepherd turned to him and asked “If I guess what your job is, will you give it back to me?” The yuppie thought for a while and, with a smug smirk on his face, said “Sure old man, you’re on!” “You’re a business consultant,” said the shepherd. The yuppie was surprised and shocked at the ease with which a person he thought to be an imbecilic simpleton (an opinion he held regarding anyone that lacked an expensively-bought MBA degree like his), could guess his vocation.

“But… How could you guess?” “Oh, that was easy,” replied the shepherd. “One, you came here to answer a question I didn’t ask and to which I already knew the answer. Two, you came to tell me something about my job, of which you obviously know nothing at all. Now, give me back my dog.”


Moral: When a person comes up to you to boast by answering a question to which you already know the answer and never cared to ask anyway, in all likelihood they have no idea what they’re talking about.






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  1. Totally love this moral story, I should use it at my place of work where i do meet some types like this, thanks Mona.

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