Short and Not Sweet At All: The State of the LL ToS Debate

I know Tzimis Panousis didn’t have Second Life’s users in mind, but this sketch sums up the mindset and actions of quite a few people.

Offended? You shouldn’t be. After reading Inara Pey’s transcripts of the legal panel regarding the ToS changes, I think no one has any excuse for being a nincompoop anymore. All this time while blogging about this issue, I have been trying very hard to remain polite regarding much – actually, most – of the debate on the 15th August change to Linden Lab’s ToS, all the while facepalming like nobody’s business. Far, far too much of what is still being regurgitated comes from people who:

  • Lack basic text comprehension skills,
  • Have a propensity for drama-whoring,
  • Have axes to grind and want to agitate others,
  • Are hypocritical turds; although they go out of their way to offer everyone who never asked them a TL;DR tirade about how much they hate Second Life and the “evil” Linden Lab (if we believe them, we’ll end up believing that the Lab is what caused the Cataclysm as described in the Bible), they stay in Second Life and troll the related blogs and forums with one intention: to spew their bile.
  • Are idiots who mindlessly reproduce all the bullshit that comes from the people that exhibit any (combination) of the four aforementioned attributes.

Of course, I don’t expect the dramacrats, the “OH NOES! THE SKY IS FALLING!” idiots, the prokanoids and the agitators to sit down and honestly review their words and actions. Of course, that’s not to say the current ToS don’t need to be improved. But, as I’ve said before in a far more (undeservedly) polite manner, all this drama is sheer idiocy. Oh, do read Tateru Nino’s take on the matter too. But I digress – she’ll be summarily dismissed as an “LL groupie” or an “FIC member”.




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11 thoughts on “Short and Not Sweet At All: The State of the LL ToS Debate

    1. I actually regret not making this post when the whole issue started. At least now that it’s become apparent that all the drama-mongers (including the likes of Renderosity) have been inflating the matter far, far too much, there’s no reason to hold back.


    1. Thanks for proving my point. You feel “insulted” by the fact that I called you and the likes of you on all the emotional reactions to just about everything happening in-world, the ToS-related conspiracy theories and the scaremongering that’s been circulated for about a month now. I’m going to insult you further now.

      1. Did you read the new ToS when they were changed or did you just click on “I agree” without bothering to read them at all?

      2. If you seriously believe that LL is interested in appropriating your content (or anyone else’s content, for that matter) and selling it themselves, what exactly are you doing in SL?

      3. If you seriously believe what oh-so-many people in the SL-related blogs and forums keep babbling about, i.e. that LL is the avatar of the Devil, why are you still in SL?

      4. Do you honestly believe that anyone in the 3D graphics and 3D gaming industry would have even the slightest use for the prim builds, craptastic sculpties, (mostly) mediocre mesh and laggy scripting (which is unusable outside SL and OpenSim anyway) that fuels Second Life’s economy? If you do, check your facts: they can make or purchase far better stuff anytime they want, because they actually are, or have access to, seasoned 3D graphics professionals who chuckle everytime they see what’s on sale in SL and its OpenSim clones. Not to mention the fact that a good deal of what’s on sale in SL and its OpenSim clones is degraded (and often mangled) stuff that was bought from stock content providers.

      Also, professionals act and talk like professionals. The ToS debate so far has been prokanoid drivel based on assumptions that are fundamentally flawed logically, factually wrong and amounts to little more than idiotic drama that has no place whatsoever in any discussion between professionals.

      You claim you were “insulted”. Have you ever wondered if all of this crap that’s been flung around might not be that innocent? Have you ever second-guessed the intentions of those who put these conspiracy theories forward and yell so much? No, of course not. You think they’re the personification of all that is good, sacred and holy.

      And here lies the problem: You think certain people are infallible. I don’t. You think you know everything. I don’t – and when I don’t know something or am not sure, I seek proper information from people who know about it. And if I have the slightest reason to believe that, even with information from people with real knowledge of a certain subject, I might still say something that’s wrong, I won’t say anything. Which is exactly what the vast majority of those involved in every instance of SL-related drama do NOT do – and you have obviously chosen to be part of that group.

      I’m going to leave you with one final question: Have you ever wondered if your responses to SL-related situations are actually strengthening SL’s detractors point of view? You make me think you haven’t and that you are not likely to ever do.


      1. Im going to stop you right away at the beguining of your answer. I never said i feel personnaly insulted. i have asked you why do you have a so big need to insult ppl who dont think like you. i havent talked about me in particular. Im openminded and really tolerant, when someone disagree with me i dont feel insulted for that.
        “the likes of me” as you say, id be interested in who they are ….
        it seems you were waiting for someone from the group i belong to post here, jut to jump on this person. So im glad i could give you this opportunity and may you now relax and digest the lion you seem to have ate today.
        Also i ask you to not put words in my mouth, you are not me, you are not in my mind, and AFAK you dont know me either, so i dont think you can know what i would answer to your question , neither what im thinking and even less if i feel insulted or not since i havent posted i did.
        So i hope you feel better now and will find some peace in you.


        1. What you came here for is to protest because I called the scaremongers and conspiracy theorists on their bullshit. I’ll play along with you and pretend to believe you when you say you weren’t personally insulted (and that you don’t think you’ve been engaging in the activities I described). Why exactly do you feel the need to defend those who poison everything surrounding Second Life with their prokanoia, conspiracy theories, agitating and scaremongering? Not to mention that, if they want to defend themselves, they certainly can do it themselves and don’t need you to be their guardian.


          1. did i protested ? i just asked you if you feel so hard the need to insult ppl who dont think like you and that imho insulting ppl wasnt elegant.. i dont see any protest in this… It was a question and an opinion about insulting ppl publicaly.. no more. yet you jump on me and say you will insult me even more… well, i m glad to see you are more relaxed now..
            That said, id be interesting in knowing for who were exactly your insults. Im so much busy lately, you know why, that really i havent noticed any drama recently that would deserve so much anger. I prob have missed these so horrible dramas.


          2. Well, you did protest. You said I insult those who don’t think like me. You’re also playing dumb, by “wondering” who I direct my “insults” at. Oh, and you pretend that there was no drama over the ToS.

            Now you are insulting everybody’s intelligence, and really what you are doing here is bullshitting with inane, content-free comments.


  1. No… that’s just your interpretation.. not mine.
    And i said.. i may have missed the dramas… bec i dont have time for it. This is why i asked you. but you dont seem to want to answer my question. No pb, ill ask someone else then.
    And protesting, has for me another definition than what i did..
    See… it s all subjectivity then


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