Ruins – Chronicle of an HIV witch-hunt

Greek journalist Zoe Mavroudi has made available on Youtube a shocking documentary titled “Ruins – Chronicle of an HIV witch-hunt”, which describes and narrates how the Greek government went on a populist, scaremongering and scapegoating campaign against HIV patients (by sheer “coincidence” they were all women), in collusion with Greece’s equivalent to the CDC. This disgraceful campaign, which saw HIV patients get pilloried, prosecuted and persecuted is, sadly, par for the course of current Greek politics. After all, the governments that have thrown the country into a fiscal death spiral and its population into the abyss of abject poverty, with unemployment levels reaching 30%, need scapegoats to disorient the disenchanted and disgruntled masses. In the past, the mainstream political narrative’s scapegoats (at least in Greece) were Jews, immigrants, leftists, anarchists, feminists, human rights activists, students and campaigners against racism and fascism (and still are). Now, HIV patients have been added to the list. Who’s going to be next on the government’s list?

The documentary has already been screened in numerous cities throughout Europe. Again, the question remains: Who’s going to be the next on the government’s list of scapegoats?


Directed by Zoe Mavroudi

Camera Operator, Sound: Giannis Chinos

Editor: Antonio Rochira

Post-processing: @menacius

Original Music: Fruto5

Composer: Diamanda Galás, “This is the Law of the Plague” (Plague Mass, live 1991)

Sound Mixing: Nikos Tsines

Trailer: @menacius

Graphics Design, Subtitles: Nefeli Alepoudeli, @menacius

Editorial Assistant: Marianna Roumelioti

Executive Producers: Theodora Oikonomides (@IrateGreek), Loukas Stamellos (@potmos)

Production Assistant: @ypopto_mousi

Promotion & Publicity: Theodora Oikonomides, Natalia Klossa

Web Design: @ypopto_mousi, @SpecKtator_

London crew:

Camera Operator: Antonio Rochira

Lighting Designer: Bryan Romaine

Sound: Nicholas Payne




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