Rod Humble and Linden Lab part ways

Rod Humble has resigned from his position as Linden Lab's CEO. Image courtesy of Inara Pey.

Rod Humble has resigned from his position as Linden Lab’s CEO. Image courtesy of Inara Pey.

Jo Yardley reports that, in a Facebook message to her, Rod Humble told her he left the position of Linden Lab’s CEO last week. As is the case with practically every Linden Lab CEO after Philip Rosedale, Mr. Humble has been considered controversial by several parts of the community. However, what cannot be denied is that, during his three-year stint at the helm of Linden Lab, he brought a lot of technical improvements that brought more eye candy and better performance to the user base.

According to Jo’s report, now that Mr. Humble resigned, he will start his own company, whose main activities will be the creation of art, entertainment etc. At the time of writing, the name of his successor is yet unknown.

UPDATE: GamesIndustry International also reports on the story and Mr. Humble’s resignation from the Lab is indeed confirmed. Mr. Humble announced his departure by means of a post on his Facebook page, saying:

It’s been a great 3 years! All my thanks to my colleagues at Linden Lab and our wonderful customers I wish you the very best for the future and continued success! I am starting up a company to make Art, Entertainment and unusual things! More on that in a few weeks!

Also, Mr. Humble’s name is no longer listed in Linden Lab’s “About” page. Currently, there is no official comment from the Lab w.r.t. Mr. Humble’s resignation or who will replace him.




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