Linden Lab Bot policy changes

On January 30th, 2014, the Lab changed its bot policy (I received word via a notice in the Builder’s Brewery in-world group). This update is small, but its impact could be quite important, as bots that automatically purchase mainland parcels are now banned. The changes were contributed by Patch Linden, and they are as follows:


Mainland parcel sales and bots

Some bots are used to automate the purchase of Mainland parcels priced below fair market values.


Using bots to purchase mainland parcels is not allowed

The use of bots, autonomous software, scripting (manual or automated), scripted agents, or any systems or software internal or external to the Second Life service that circumvent, automate and/or remove the human interaction required to purchase a Land parcel within Second Life on the Linden Lab owned Mainland is prohibited.

Personally, I don’t object these changes. I don’t appreciate the “high-frequency transaction” algorithms that are used in stock exchanges to shift billions of dollars, and I believe land-purchasing bots give their users an unfair advantage over other potential buyers.




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