Good lost and evil got – Paradise Lost Trailer No. 3

Another great effort by Canary Beck and her colleagues. I hope to be able to blog in detail about it soon.

Canary Beck

Oh Eve, it was an evil hour when you listened
To that false worm, taught by somebody
To imitate the voice of Man, truthful in saying we would fall,
Lying about our promised rise; since our eyes
Have been opened we have indeed discovered that we know
Both good and evil; good lost and evil found.

Adam, in The Plain English Translation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost

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2 thoughts on “Good lost and evil got – Paradise Lost Trailer No. 3

  1. Thank you so much sharing this Mona 🙂 I saw you at Romeo + Juliet the other night and didn’t get a chance to say hi (we do get a tad busy 😉 Anyway, thank you for coming out that day and for helping us spread the word.


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