Rise, Release, Dance – Updates on One Billion Rising in SL 2014


February 14 marks, once again, the One Billion Rising initiative against rape and gender-based violence (focusing particularly on violence against women and girls). This year’s theme is Justice, so the title of the event is “One Billion Rising for Justice”. Just as was the case last year, the event will also be held within Second Life across four regions.

On the 2nd of February, the organisers, led by Saffia Widdershins (of “Prim Perfect” and “Designing Worlds” fame) provided an update on the progress of the preparations for the event. The update reads:

In Second Life, we are working behind the scenes at the moment to get everything ready for One Billion Rising for Justice in Second Life.

The four regions that will make up our stage area have been arranged with Fruit Islands, and will be delivered next weekend. Then we’ll be getting to work on terraforming them while the stage is built (by Victor1st Mornington, who built the stage for us last year).  The artists will move in shortly after to set up their installations and this year, in addition to individual installations, there will also be galleries for 2D and 3D work.

Not only that, but there will also be poetry sessions in one of the galleries at several points during the day where people can listen, read and share with each other.

We are pulling together a great line up of popular live musicians and DJs, and are currently organising the streams, once more generously donated by Lusch Audio.

We will be holding workshops all over next weekend for people who would like to work as volunteers at the event.  Thank you to all those who have filled in our form – and you haven’t, but would like to help with the event, you can sign up here!

Teeshirts and posters will be available shortly – we will let you know where you can obtain them inworld so that you can help to spread the word!

Once again, there will be information kiosks on all four regions, telling you about One Billion Rising and about organisations that are working for justice for women across the globe. If you know any organisation that you think we should feature, let us know. The kiosks will also include information and advice for women who might find themselves or those they love trapped in abusive situations.

One Billion Rising for Justice is about raising awareness of global issues through an event that combines giving information with a day of art, music, poetry and dance. We do not raise funds at the event, but suggest that people who want to donate find out more at the kiosks and then select which organisations they would like to donate too.

A call for volunteers – Volunteer training schedule

As said, volunteers are still needed and are most welcome. For the event to succeed, organised, enthusiastic and dependable people are needed. The event lasts for 24 hours and positions for Stage Managers, Security, Greeters and Press Liaison are available. Also, people who can collate information for the kiosks are needed.

It doesn’t matter if you can help for one hour or a couple of hours, or even for the entire duration of the event; your efforts will be most appreciated and welcome. You can sign up by using this volunteer application form.

Volunteer training sessions

Training sessions will be held at the Designing Worlds studio on Garden of Dreams. Each session lasts for one hour and the schedule will be as follows (all times SLT):

10am Friday 7th
2pm Friday 7th
4pm Friday 7th
10am Saturday 8th
2pm Saturday 8th
4pm Saturday 8th
10am Sunday 9th
4pm Sunday 9th
10am Monday 10th
2pm Monday 10th
4pm Monday 10th

The OBR Second Life Bear

Over the next few days, a special box of OBR goodies will be prepared, containing information and also treats for One Billion Rising.

Meet the OBR bears!

Meet the OBR bears!

One of these goodies will be a special One Billion Rising Bear, designed by Sway Dench of Sway’s, which Saffia is holding in the picture. Also look out for the bear’s big sister (standing next to Saffia) – when you find it in the stores of the OBR sponsors, there will be more information about One Billion Rising for Justice in Second Life!

There will also be gifts donated by the event’s friends and sponsors at the One Billion Rising event itself.

Poets write and rise

Poets from all across Second Life will be supporting the One Billion Rising for Justice on February 14 this year. There will be two special poetry sessions, complete with open microphones and they will take place at 8:00AM and 3:00PM SLT at the special arena for 2D Art on the One Billing Rising regions. The sessions will be organised by Jilly Kidd. If you wish to contribute, please contact her in-world ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements.





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