Second Life JIRA officially open again – but not without limits

As was promised – and announced – earlier (and documented by Inara Pey and yours truly), Linden Lab reopened the JIRA yesterday (Thursday, March 6th, 2014). Generally, this means that:

  • From now on, all users will be able to see all BUG issues and the issues will remain visible (i.e. will not be hidden after they’ve been triaged);
  • All users will be able to comment on a report before it is triaged; after it’s been triaged, the only people who will be able to comment on it will be (a) the reporter, (b) LL staff, (c) TPV developers and selected community members who have displayed skills in this area;
  • The “New Feature Request” will return.

Linden Lab’s announcement, however, does indicate a limitation:

While we want to make issues visible for the reasons described in our last post, we’re not going to extend this to old issues, because at the time they were created, users knew that those reports would have limited visibility and they may have included sensitive and/or private information. We don’t want to take information that someone thought would be private and suddenly make that visible to everyone, so the new visibility settings will apply only to new issues.

This means that older BUG issues will simply not be visible; trying to access them will result in a “permission violation” error message. Even so, this is a significant step in the right direction, as it once again encourages users to proactively report issues and provide ideas (the “New Feature Request” option) – and user input is a very valuable resource for developers. It must also be noted that, for rather obvious reasons, viewing BUG issues requires you to be logged-in to the JIRA. Again for obvious reasons, MAINT and SEC issues will remain unviewable to the public, as was the case before the JIRA was closed. STORM, VWR and SVC issues can be viewed without logging in.




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