@SLOfficialtweet: A brand impersonation attempt?

On Friday March 7th, a rather puzzling account appeared on Twitter. This account, under the handle of “SecondLife Official” (@SLOfficialtweet), presented itself as the “new Second Life official twitter page”. Unsurprisingly, this took more than a few people by surprise, as Linden Lab already has a legitimate Twitter presence for its flagship product (@SecondLife) and, of course, its main corporate account (@LindenLab). Personally, I wondered why a second official Second Life account was necessary and I was reluctant to follow this account – and I was not the only one. The fact that the Lab already had official Twitter accounts, of course, raised questions regarding the legitimacy and authenticity of the new account.

Eventually, Strawberry Singh raised this question to the Lab, resulting in a swift and clear response:

slofficialtweet-clarification-01Personally, I’m baffled by this account. I’m not sure if it was a phishing attempt, as I didn’t click on the link on its profile. However, it didn’t seem to be a parody/satire account – and parody/satire accounts, as well as non-affiliated accounts are anything but new to Twitter. However, many of these accounts indicate clearly in various manners that they are not official. As Inara Pey (who also contacted the Lab’s Director of Global Communications, who, in turn, confirmed that this account was not legit at all) pointed out, this account seems to have been an attempt at brand impersonation and trademark misuse. It also seems that the Lab stepped in and thus, today the “@SLOfficialtweet” account is no more; it has ceased to be and, bereft of life, rests in peace. It is now an ex-account.




Shortlink: http://wp.me/p2pUmX-s0