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basilique-logoThis springtime is certainly going to be quite interesting in Second Life, as there is a good variety of events for people to attend; charitable fundraisers, artistic exhibitions etc, in addition to the multitude of parties that are organised all over the grid- then again, one might argue, there has never been a shortage of events in SL. However, some of these events stand out for the sheer amount of work that goes into making them happen, and for the complexity and ambition of the work undertaken.

Sadly, RL obligations have prevented me from blogging about many events, places and exhibits I had the good fortune to visit – and one should also need to add as a… “bonus” obstacle the fact that my main computer, the one I use for practically everything, both RL- and SL-related, is a laptop with a rather sub-par graphics card that doesn’t quite take things in its stride at the more visually appealing graphics settings, especially when the region being viewed is not sparsely decorated and/or populated.

One of the most ambitious and anticipated in-world events is the Basilique Performing Arts Company’s upcoming season of Paradise Lost: The Story of Adam and Eve’s Original Sin, which, as I wrote earlier, will premiere on Saturday April 5th, 2014, 13:00 SLT. Demand for tickets has been such that a second premiere has been arranged for Sunday April 6th, 12:00SLT (noon). For a thorough presentation of the technical aspects and challenges faced by the people behind the show, see Inara Pey’s interview with Canary “Becky” Beck and Harvey Crabsticks. I believe her conversation with Becky and Harvey should help you understand why I say – without even a trace of hyperbole – that Paradise Lost is among the most ambitious artistic and technical undertakings in Second Life.


Now, as was announced on Monday, SL bloggers are given the opportunity to see the show ahead of its premiere, at a special invitation-only performance that will take place on Saturday 29th March, 2014, 13:00SLT. There are few, limited places for the preview, so it is highly recommended that those interested register early – not all applicants will be invited.

Now, registering your interest will not only give bloggers a shot at previewing the performance of Paradise Lost. All bloggers who register their interest in attending the preview performance will also:

  • Receive a complimentary ticket to attend a performance of Paradise Lost. Together with the ticket, they will also receive custom-made audience mesh avatars created by Sian Pearl. The ticket’s value is L$1000; 50% of these funds will be donated to the WWF’s Adopt a Gorilla programme, which aims to protect mountain gorillas.
  • Receive the Paradise Lost media kit, which includes all the necessary information to write a post on the show.
  • Have their blog listed on the three websites that are dedicated to, and associated with the production and also have their name and their blog’s URL added to the official information kit and programme.
  • Have the choice to participate in the Paradise Lost Blog Hunt, which will commence on April 5th and run through April 12th, and their blog’s details will be shared among the Basilique’s list subscribers, whose number exceeds 2,000.

So, regardless of whether you are invited to the preview or not, you still have reasons to register your interest with the Basilique Performing Arts Company. All you have to do is follow the link to the registration form – the sooner, the better.




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