The Freedom Project Thank You Ceremony and Exhibition Launch


The Freedom Project, which commenced on September 1st, 2013, is a collaborative effort undertaken by the University of Western Australia, Virtual Ability Inc., and the Centre for ME/CFS and Other Invisible Illnesses Group in Second Life. It is an event that presents works of 2D and 3D art – including machinima – by SL artists who suffer from disabilities or chronic illnesses, or from artists related to persons who suffer from either. Its theme, as its name suggests, is Freedom, as in how virtual worlds have helped them, or others around them, in any way. The exhibition launches tomorrow, March 23rd, at 5PM SLT. It will be hosted at the UWA’s sim and people are welcome to visit it.

My Body Is A Cage - by Xia Firethorn

My Body Is A Cage – by Xia Firethorn

This exhibition is not of a competitive nature per se. Rather, it serves as an opportunity for the artists to tell their personal stories; it also meant to thank both the artists for their submitted work, and those individuals, groups, and organisations that worked together to make this event possible.




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