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UPDATE: I’ve added links to Strawberry Singh’s tutorials and windlights for this effect. Many thanks to Uccello Poultry for pointing me to Berry’s work.

On the internet, it is relatively easy to find a multitude of stunning photographs taken within Second Life and its OpenSim clones, regardless of whether these photographs have been post-processed or not. The advent of Windlight made it possible for SL (and OpenSim) to offer spectacular atmospheric effects, which have made certain kinds of post-processing less necessary. However, there is a certain effect that both Second Life and OpenSim lack: mirrors. No mirror in Second Life is functional at all – they’re just silver-coloured textures, sometimes with a decorative frame around them… And they don’t do what you’d expect from a mirror.

Are there any chances for working mirrors in SL? Not really. The subject has been brought up several times during Oz Linden’s Open Dev User Group meetings, and the answer is always the same: too many calculations, and it would be likely to destroy performance. So, don’t hold your breath.

However, there is something you can do to achieve this effect without resorting to complex methods involving custom-made poses, camera-locking scripts and post-processing like Laverne Unit did. Yes, her results are nothing short of stunning, but going to such lengths for a photoshoot is something many people will shy away from, and I can fully understand why. The method described here is much simpler, although you’ll need a bit of preparation.

It’s a method that was first discovered by Oracolo Janus and documented (as his blog is now no longer available due to the closure of My Opera) by Zonja Capalini. This effect has also seen frequent use by Whiskey Monday, who’s produced some truly exquisite images with it.

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