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As announced by Canary Beck on the 15th of July, the Basilique Performing Arts Company’s critically-acclaimed theatrical adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost will be shown for a second season, beginning on August 2nd. Tickets are on sale at the Basilique store on the Second Life marketplace for alternating Saturday and Sunday performances.

Season 1 was highly successful, with every performance being sold out. If you missed the opportunity to watch Paradise Lost during its first season, I will say it again: You really cannot afford to miss it. It is the most ambitious and perhaps the most important artistic event in Second Life and virtual worlds for 2014. You can read my review of the show here. If you are interested in attending the performance, you are advised to book your tickets early. The tickets are non-transferrable, so, if you wish to purchase tickets for your friends and/or loved ones, you should buy them as gifts.


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