WordPress fucked up – again

And oh yes, WordPress.com went and shot itself in the foot once again. Two days ago, they implemented an “improvement”. They removed the scroll bar from the editor window. So now, when you scroll down, the toolbar of the editor stays put (with the exception of the post title, the permalink and the pertinent buttons), but the menu on the left-hand side and the options on the right-hand side go up. So, to access stuff, you have to scroll up and down like crazy.

If this was done to accommodate mobile device users who are too stupid to download the WordPress app and too much of a sodding hipster to use a real computer rather than their fashion accessories, it was daft. If it was done to accommodate idiots who use Internet Explorer rather than a real browser, it’s even more idiotic. Oh, and there are even more bugs on this.

To add insult to injury, a WP.com staff member nicknamed druesome (I highly doubt he cares about blogging) announced this bullshit in the following manner:

Hello everyone!

What you guys noticed is an improvement to the post editor that we are pretty excited about. The secondary scrollbar in the post editor is indeed removed, but we’ve made the primary sidebar work in such a way that it scrolls down your post content seamlessly with the toolbar pinned to the top.


We recognize that this is a big change in the way we edit our posts and takes some getting used to. As always, any suggestions or ideas in improving it are welcome. For bugs, please report them by starting a new thread or opening a support ticket via http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/.


Thank you very much!

Oh really? What the fuck kind of drugs are you on, mister? Have you taken this piece of shit “improvement” out for a test drive to see how it “works” on a real computer? What idiot let this crap pass QA – if there’s any sort of QA at WordPress.com, which I highly doubt? And how conceited are you to tell us that something that makes our blogs work worse than they already did is an “improvement” and demand we put up with it? Hell, even the much-maligned Linden Lab does much better than this. In fact, there’s no comparison. Nothing is down there with WordPress.com’s policy of having people “develop” code for a CMS even though they clearly don’t understand what a CMS is supposed to do, and with WordPress.com’s high horse, conceited, condescending and downright insulting attitude (mind you, I’m a paying customer of WordPress.com, and I’m already considering migrating to something that works). BTW… Dear wiz kids at WordPress.com: Fuck you.


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6 thoughts on “WordPress fucked up – again

  1. I found this yesterday and I wanted to throw my computer out the window when trying to do tags and categories from the post I’d just written. Talk about the lamest “improvement” ever.

    1. Indeed. It’s absolutely disgusting. I’ve never seen something quite like this before. WP.com makes Linden Lab look like the bee’s knees when it comes to QA and customer support.

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