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UPDATE 8 January 2018: Mr. Holger Gilruth’s posts that are mentioned herein have both been deleted. No archived version exists for the German-language post, but there is an archived version for the one in English. I have updated the links provided in the text accordingly. Also, I have amended other parts of the text to reflect what I’ve ended up doing regarding my blog and the WordPress editor module.


You had one job. How could you fuck it up so badly?

When I wrote this post, I had just returned from a short (unfortunately), but much-needed vacation and already there was a sizeable deal of things that needed to be tackled. I had hoped that the first things I’d blog about in August would be potential uses of virtual worlds in the tourist industry (such as showcasing destinations, monuments, archaeological sites etc), in vocational training and education – not least because I intended to start using SL as a professional tool, rather than a recreational pastime.

Unfortunately, I had to start considering other things, like self-hosting my blog and perhaps even switching to an entirely different CMS (Content Management System)due to recent “improvements” to WordPress.com’s editor that make composing long posts (longer than 150-250 words) a major chore.

Let me also point out that WordPress.com’s cavalier attitude is entirely unacceptable – mind you, Linden Lab’s developers are actually infinitely better than the ones at WordPress when it comes to listening to the user base. Eventually, three and a half years after the debacle, I’m still using the “old-fashioned” editor to write new posts, and sometimes I combine it with the new one.

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