Of false rumours and CMS conundrums

UPDATE 8 January 2018: Mr. Holger Gilruth’s posts that are mentioned herein have both been deleted. No archived version exists for the German-language post, but there is an archived version for the one in English. I have updated the links provided in the text accordingly. Also, I have amended other parts of the text to reflect what I’ve ended up doing regarding my blog and the WordPress editor module.


You had one job. How could you fuck it up so badly?

When I wrote this post, I had just returned from a short (unfortunately), but much-needed vacation and already there was a sizeable deal of things that needed to be tackled. I had hoped that the first things I’d blog about in August would be potential uses of virtual worlds in the tourist industry (such as showcasing destinations, monuments, archaeological sites etc), in vocational training and education – not least because I intended to start using SL as a professional tool, rather than a recreational pastime.

Unfortunately, I had to start considering other things, like self-hosting my blog and perhaps even switching to an entirely different CMS (Content Management System)due to recent “improvements” to WordPress.com’s editor that make composing long posts (longer than 150-250 words) a major chore.

Let me also point out that WordPress.com’s cavalier attitude is entirely unacceptable – mind you, Linden Lab’s developers are actually infinitely better than the ones at WordPress when it comes to listening to the user base. Eventually, three and a half years after the debacle, I’m still using the “old-fashioned” editor to write new posts, and sometimes I combine it with the new one.

Anyway, enough of this. Let’s move on to other news. Or “news” – however you want to call them. On July 26th, some SL user/blogger that goes by the “Holger Gilruth” handle started spreading a rumour that the Firestorm viewer has been removed from Linden Lab’s trusted third-party viewers directory because it “steals user data”. He actually made two posts about it, one in his native language (German) and one in English  – and also made posts on his Google+ profile and on his Twitter account, Vienna Freebies:

He also claimed that this was announced as a group notice in Pete Linden’s (Peter Gray, LL’s Director of Global Communications) invite-only “Second Life Press Corps” in-world group. This is where things become fishy, and below I’m giving you the reasons why:

  1. Of all the bloggers in that group, he was the only one to disclose such an important announcement? Why didn’t we see any posts by the likes of Inara Pey or Jo Yardley, for instance?
  2. If something as big and important as this was true, wouldn’t the Lab itself have made an official announcement as it had done with Emerald in the past and removed Firestorm from its official TPV directory?
  3. If any of this was true, shouldn’t Mr. Gilruth have quoted the group notice and/or announcement verbatim to back up his claims?
  4. If any of this was true, shouldn’t Mr. Gilruth have presented evidence to those who, like me, questioned his reliability and motives?

Nothing of that happened. Instead:

  1. Mr. Gilruth censored the comments submitted to his blog and Google+ profile by ordinary users and Firestorm developers who were:
    1. Demanding evidence and proof of his claims;
    2. Pointing out he was spreading false rumours.
  2. Mr. Gilruth blacklisted blog commenters (like me) who demanded evidence and proof of what he was saying, making it impossible for us to even read his blog from those IPs. And yes, unlike Mr. Gilruth, I actually can back up my claims, as I’ve kept a screenshot from my tablet.
Holger Gilruth blocks those who questioned the truthfulness of his claims

As you can see, Mr. Holger Gilruth blocked me from even reading his blog after I questioned his reliability.

Now, what does all of this tell us about Mr. Gilruth’s credibility and reliability? Simply, that something wasn’t right about his claims. If he had proof, shouldn’t he have provided it to us? The truth is, he had no proof at all. In fact, it was explained right from the start that this was a petulant act of retaliation against the Firestorm team. They called him out for being an obnoxious prick on this issue on the Firestorm JIRA, and he decided to exact revenge. Of course, his little plan to libel Firestorm blew up in his face in a big way.

But that’s not all… The biggest blow to his credibility (if he ever had any) came from Pete Linden himself in SL’s official forums, who said (and I quote verbatim):

To be clear: no such notice was sent to the Press Corps group (in fact, no notices of any kind have been sent to the group recently). And, as others have already pointed out, the Firestorm Viewer remains in our directory of third party viewers: 

So, there you have it. None of the other SL bloggers that are members of the “Second Life Press Corps” group have seen any such notice. Pete Linden has never issued such a notice. Firestorm is always in the Third Party Viewer Directory. And you also have a motive for Mr. Gilruth’s actions: axes to grind with the Firestorm team. And what was Mr. Gilruth’s response to it all? Has there been any retraction? Did he own up to his false accusations? No. He just pretends nothing of this has ever happened – very Goebbels-like: keep lying, it’ll eventually stick.

That said, I want to point out once again the importance of choosing your sources. There are credible, reputable bloggers out there who work very hard at cross-checking what they write, have the decency and honesty to correct their posts if something is proven wrong, and don’t go off spewing sensationalist lies in order to harm others. From all this, it becomes – I hope – very obvious that Holger Gilruth is not a credible source at all, and that everything he claims should be taken with a shipload of salt.

The issue here, however, is not just Mr. Gilruth: It’s the tendency of a large number of SL users to choose to believe sensationalist agitators, conspiracy theorists with dubious motives (hell, the likes of Glenn Beck and Alex Jones are wildly popular outside of SL), and other such sources and propagandists. In various contexts (both in SL and outside of it), I have seen people who, when presented with facts, said “yeah, OK, I know this is how it really is, but I choose to believe it’s not.” And this reduces the level of discourse to…


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3 thoughts on “Of false rumours and CMS conundrums

  1. Mona — Before switching to an entirely different CMS — which is a nightmare! — try some of the free WordPress plugins out there that offer different post editing options, both on the back end (via the wp-admin interface) and via the front end, right from a page (which you could keep private to keep the rabble from posting).

    Some examples here:


    There are also a bunch of commercial plugins out there — the MotoPress Content Editor starts at just $29 — if your time is worth more than $29, it could be a good deal. From their demo, it looks like it uses the old-style mouse controls — when you’re outside the edit window, it scrolls the entire window, when your mouse is inside the edit window, it scrolls just that.

    And, after typing all that, I just noticed that you’re hosted at wordpress.com… Sorry!

    I use Dreamhost for Hypergrid Business, and they’ve been pretty good so far. It costs about $100 a year for unlimited websites and unlimited traffic and unlimited storage (but the site WILL get slow if you have too many plugins running at once!) and they have a deal right now for the next two weeks where the first year is around $24.

    1. Thank you Maria, but, as you’ve noted yourself, the only way for these plugins to do anything for me would be for me to actually self-host (provided I stick with WP – it seems 3.9.1 is a better option than this one). As for websites getting slow when too many plugins are running, I’ve observed this on numerous occasions.

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