Daily Archives: August 23, 2014

Some content creators in Second Life really don’t understand the basic notions of courtesy and respect for the customer, and I’m not talking about customer service here. Like many of you people, I shop around for things that catch my eye – whatever these things may be. And then, some of the content creators from whose shops (in-world or marketplace) I’ve shopped think I gave them permission to send me monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or even daily updates about their new products, events, hunts, sales, etc.

This means that my SL-only email is inundated with notifications for these inventory offers, which I delete. And then, when I log in, I have to delete these notifications in-world as well, and discard the inventory offers as well. No, I can’t turn the “receive offline notifications in my email” off, because that way I’d lose the ability to receive notifications for communications I’m actually interested in, and I can’t report them as spam, because then my webmail provider’s spam filtering system would end up blocking offline IMs as spam too.

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