A Room for Ferrisquito: The early works of Bryn Oh

On the 3rd of September at the Rift Horizon Gallery, an exhibit by Chance Acoustic (aka Cath Cole) titled A Room for Ferrisquito opened. This exhibit focuses on famed virtual artist Bryn Oh’s early work, i.e. the period from 2008 to 2011. For the opening, artist Art Blue gave a special 20-minute presentation titled Knowing, which he described as “a one-man theatrical performance”. The room containing the exhibited artwork is also part of the “VULCANICUS” time capsule in OpenSim.

The exhibit is situated above the gallery, which is the actual landing point. So, the landmark provided in the previous paragraph will actually take you to the main gallery rather than directly to the Ferrisquito room. To go there, you need to use the teleport sign. Once in Ferrisquito, you will find yourselves in a somewhat confined (by SL standards anyway) oval room; the curved walls, which have been curiously left sporting the default plywood texture, are decorated with photographs of Bryn’s works taken by Chance. On one side of the floor, you can see the Consumerist Sherpa. A staircase leads to an upper area overlooking the main room; there, Beetlebot is watching from its high perch. In the main area, you can also pick up a special one-prim book about the exhibit, which you can keep as a memento of your visit.

I mentioned a theatrical presentation by Art Blue titled Knowing. It was narrated by an owl named Nervual and consisted of a story revolving around time travel, an attempt to uncover the secrets of life, and the discovery of Bryn’s work.

The centre of the exhibit, though, is Ferrisquito herself (operated by a student working with Chance). Her name is a reference to the icon that represents the robot theme park in Immersiva. Her appearance is based on Sian Pearl’s angel audience avatar designs for the Basilique Performing Arts Company’s in-world production of Paradise Lost, and you can summon her by pushing on a button on the wall near the table where you can pick up the book mentioned earlier. If she’s online, she will acknowledge in chat, and will come to the exhibit, where she will pose and begin rezzing the pieces of Bryn’s art that make up the exhibit; the works of art are presented not only on the floor space around him, but also in the otherwise rather empty upper area. You can either walk upstairs or cam up to the pieces to see them.

Run like a fawn

Run like a fawn – A Room for Ferrisquito

There are, in all, twenty-five works featured in the exhibit. They are as follows: Under the Poumbrella [poembrella], Mayfly machinima, Downloading …, The Violinist, Run like a fawn, Run Rabbit Run, Mother, Feed me, Steamdragon, Wee little Steamclock, Standby, Carriage, Consume, Poumbrella, Pouncing fox, Confused eyes, Bryn Oh´s bicycle, The Rabbicorn, 26 Tines, Cerulean, Willow, Angler Girl, The Violinist, and Night mare. Many of them are now hallmarks of Bryn’s presence and work within Second Life, like the Rabbicorn, Wee little Steamclock, or the works featured in Bryn’s The Daughter of Gears build and machinima. For those of you who have not yet discovered Bryn’s early works, I think now is a good chance to do so.


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  1. Thank you much Mona for the charming report. The avi Ferrisquito Resident is usually operated by a student and not operated by Chance Acoustic herself. To speak with Chance one has to IM her directly. The short play Knowing is part of the booklet. On Wednesday 17, at 1.00 PM PDT (=21.00 London Time) will be the opening of the ROOM FERRISQUITO in opensim, grid Metropolis (hypergrid.org). This time there will be no short play as an intro. instead it will be a world creation performance. 21 seats are available to see a world collide and a fresh one with Ferrisquito inside being created.
    Art Blue


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