Of darker desires, technosexuality and posthumanism

NOTICE: The article below deals with adult topics and fantasies and contains fetish imagery. If you are offended by such topics and / or are not a legal adult, I suggest you leave this instant.

The StG (Surrender to Gravity) Neuropuppet

The StG (Surrender to Gravity) Neuropuppet, an RLV attachment designed by Sian Pearl; a recent blog post by her prompted me to discuss certain points, as well as certain aspects of sexual exploration within Second Life. Please click on the picture for the full-size version.

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything related to D/s and fetishes. Truth be told, events beyond my control have meant I’ve had very little time, and even fewer opportunities, to indulge in moments and thoughts of this kind. Also, the blog had taken a more “mainstream” direction, towards which I’m rather ambivalent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually content using my blog to express my views on topics that have nothing to do with sex, romance, or sexuality, but there are times when I feel I keep pushing certain thoughts back.

It was a recent post by Sian Pearl over at her parthenoid blog that set the gears into motion again. In that post, Sian expressed her extreme distaste for the Neuropuppet (pictured above): A cyberpunk drone play attachment for female (mostly) Second Life avatars she had made on request, based on drawings by Dreampaint Loon. To cut a long story short, this attachment consisted of a face-concealing mask with a drone communications light source on its forehead, and a spine-like rigged mesh attachment, which ended up covering the nether regions. The entire rig also penetrated the female avatar in all three orifices.

Dreampaint Loon's "Remote Drone Rig", which ended up becoming the "Surrender to Gravity Neuropuppet"

Dreampaint Loon’s “Remote Drone Rig”, which ended up becoming the “Surrender to Gravity Neuropuppet”. Image courtesy of Dreampaint Loon, used by permission. Please click on the picture for the full-size version. Original picture on DeviantArt (requires login, as it’s mature content).

Since I had already scripted my own drone communications light (which was inspired by Lust Melody’s Drone Communications Implant), with my own communications protocol, Sian asked me to do the scripting for it, and also add RLV functionality. The unit was seriously restrictive, and essentially isolated the wearer from pretty much the entire virtual world. Communication with others (except the person that “locked” them) was possible only through the light source on the forehead. Sian wrote she “hated it almost immediately, for what it represented, and so put it up on Marketplace on an alt account, made it prohibitively expensive and left it to rot.” Regardless of that, the Neuropuppet, in both of its variants (the original one and the rather more tame Neuropuppet II version), sold unexpectedly well during its rather short shelf-life; when Sian decided to axe the “Surrender to Gravity” brand and the Neuropuppet, she transferred all rights to the product to me.

Now, the surprisingly good sales of the Neuropuppet prove that the ways in which we express our kinks and fetishes can be quite surprising and, as Sian observes, they range from the fairly obvious (such as the love of high heels) to grim, shocking, even to the downright disgusting (such as bestiality, paedophilia, snuff, and other such practices).

Personally, I didn’t find the Neuropuppet entirely shocking. It did hide the wearer’s facial characteristics, and yes, it did penetrate the avatar wearing it. But, as with just about everything else, context is everything. Whenever I was notified of a new sale, I often looked at the buyers’ SL profiles to see what conclusions I could reach by reading them. Reaching a conclusion proved impossible. A considerable portion of the buyers were obviously people who frequented places that catered to cyberpunk / drone / gynoid transformation fetishists. In a surprising twist, these were a minority. Then, there were those who wouldn’t normally strike you as being interested in such attachments: fashionistas, dancers, people who simply came to SL to “play house”, even a few content creators. And a very significant portion of those buyerrs were people whose profiles either didn’t include even the slightest reference to D/s and BDSM, or were left completely blank. Thus, their interests are anyone’s guess.

The Neuropuppet II, a more tame and less extreme version of the original Neuropuppet.

The Neuropuppet II, which was spawned by the original Neuropuppet as a more tame, less extreme, and with the sexual connotations toned down somewhat. Please click on the picture for the full-size version.

So, there you have it: an ominous-looking and very expensive RLV attachment, with a few rather simple scripts thrown in… And it was purchased en masse by an extremely diverse range of buyers. Mind you, the restrictions provided were nowhere as complex as those you can find on the more advanced restriction control systems sold by the likes of Marine Kelley or Mo Noel.

Can we classify all those people who bought the Neuropuppet’s two variants as technosexuals, robot fetishists, drone fetishists, or whatever? Not really. In fact, from the records I kept, I don’t think I could reliably say this “intended target group” comprised more than 30% of the unit’s sales. The other 70%? Perhaps they wanted / needed something extra kinky to try every once in a while. Perhaps they thought it’d look cool in a cyberpunk photoshoot. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

I’ll say right away that I’m no stranger to D/s and “light” forms of BDSM in RL; in SL, I think I can legitimately say I’ve seen just about everything that can be conceived; from the sensual to the horrid, and from the cuddly to the darkest things you can imagine. And yes, my sex life (in RL) does include several kinks and fetishes, and, within SL, I’ve been able to indulge in ways that are simply not possible or affordable in RL. That said, interesting and unique though the Neuropuppet was, it never really struck a chord with me, from a purely aesthetic standpoint. As for what it represented: It was definitely extreme submission and willing surrender of the submissive to their dominant, who is given complete control over the submissive. And this, with a rig that is not only sexually invasive (the triple penetration), but also physically, as the spinal cord-like part of the Neuropuppet penetrates the wearer’s skin. And of course, there’s no escaping the technosexual connection.

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  1. Thank you for this post – It was very interesting to read… I actually learned a lot about different types of this “being dehumanized” stuff, and I now know a lot of new definitions! Please write more such an educating posts about different types of fetishes 🙂
    Any way, I always believed that people may be very different “outside” and “inside”. This article and customers, who bought that device, approves this.

    P.S. Looking to try this “device” I see on top of article. Please let me know when it again will be available 🙂

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