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NOTICE: The article below deals with adult and fetish-related topics and fantasies and contains NSFW imagery. If you are offended by such topics or are not a legal adult, I suggest you leave this instant.


Way back in March, I read an interesting post by Antony Fairport, which largely echoes my views on RLV restrictions. There’s a tendency among designers of RLV gear (collars, gags, blindfolds, etc.) to include as many different restriction types in their attachments as possible; even functions that their RL equivalents could not possibly provide.

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A huge tree stands in the middle of a clearing, and on its trunk it bears a strange formation that looks a lot like a human face, staring sadly at passers-by; if you look closely at this face, you can even see what seems to be tears flowing from it. Under the tree’s shade, a little squirrel awaits to introduce whomever would be willing to listen to the story of the Weeping Willow Girl, a little girl trapped in this arboreal form.

Flynn the squirrel and the Weeping Willow Girl

Flynn the squirrel (left) and the Weeping Willow Girl (the face-like feature on the tree trunk on the right). Can you break the spell that keeps the little girl trapped as a tree? Escapades (Rated: General)

“There was a little girl who lived on the island called Escapades. She often played with a little faun, mischievous and playful and they had fun together. One day, the two friends snuck into the camp of a voodoo witch and the little faun decided to pick up an ancient book full of magical formulas. When playing hide and seek with a group of other kids the little faun paired up with the little girl, and he really wanted to win the game. He started reading one of the formulas aloud, and to the little girl’s horror, her feet slowly hardened and dug themselves deeper into the ground while the rest of her body changed into wood, leaves growing from her arms and soon only her face was still showing in the middle of the trunk, last remains of simili-humanity in the tree she had become. The faun was sure to win, nobody would ever find the girl. Indeed the faun won his hide-and-seek game, the other kids went back to their homes, and as the time passed everyone forgot about the little girl.”

Such is the prelude of The Weeping Willow Girl, a new adventure game currently in development by Estelle Pienaar (author of the Second Life Play Instinct blog) and Mirtyl Igaly, which I had the great honour and pleasure of being invited to preview and test last week. As I’m sure you’ll have guessed, it’s a children’s fantasy story. It is set on renowned Second Life content creator Loki Eliot’s region named Escapades, and it’s quite ambitious technically, with a view to enhancing its storytelling potential. Estelle has taken into account the capabilities and limitations of SL when determining the game’s genre: It’s an adventure game, which combines familiar SL gaming elements (the “hunts” we know from various events) and non-SL point-and-click adventure games.

What makes The Weeping Willow Girl different from the adventure games we’ve seen so far in SL is that it aims to be the first experience / game where the reactions of the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) will depend on the moment in the game you interact with them, and even on prior in-game events. This makes for less linear storytelling and gives the player the opportunity to visit, and interact with, any NPC at any given moment in the game, with their reactions, and the course the game will take afterwards, making sense when viewed in the context of what has already happened.

Baker Jim (left, behind the counter)

Baker Jim (left, behind the counter) is one of the characters you will interact with in your quest, and quite early in it. Escapades (Rated: General)

As said, I have already played the game. The mechanics behind the interactions between NPCs and player are already in place and work quite well. However, with the game still in pre-alpha state, there are many elements that will need further development. Several dialogues could be further refined, and the same goes for various in-game objects – I am already working with Estelle to help as much as I can, where I can. But, as said, it’s still at a very early development stage. Also, as mentioned before, it’s being developed (as a hobby, no less) by Estelle Pienaar and Myrtil Igaly: They both work on the storyline, while Estelle does the scripting and Myrtil works on the builds. The fact that they’re not a professional team, but two hobbyists, makes their undertaking even more remarkable. Its release is scheduled for Q2 2015.


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Lollygagger Lane Slumrock Festival 2014

With all that’s been going on in RL lately, I nearly forgot to post about this year’s Lollygagger Lane Slumrock Festival, which is now in its sixth year. This year’s festival started yesterday (December 19th) and goes on through tomorrow (December 21st). All money raised during the festival will go  to a homeless shelter in Prague. The list of performers is as follows:

Friday, December 19th (yesterday)

12PM SLT: DJ p
1PM SLT: Russell Eponym
2PM SLT: Engrama
3PM SLT: Oblee
4PM SLT: Nance Brody
5PM SLT: SaraMarie Philly
6PM SLT: Anek Fuchs
7PM SLT: Amforte Clarity
8PM SLT: Loreen Legion

Saturday, December 20th (today)

12PM SLT: DJ Pepper
1PM SLT: Phoenix J
2PM SLT: Caasi Ansar
3PM SLT: Bartelby Pegler
4PM SLT: Whirligig Rutabaga
5PM SLT: Voodoo Shilton
6PM SLT: The Follow
7PM SLT: Blue4u Nowicka
8PM SLT: Rosedrop Rust

Sunday, December 21st

12PM SLT: Peet Peterman
1PM SLT:  Jaynine Scarborough
2PM SLT: nnoiz Papp
3PM SLT: Nad Gough
4PM SLT: Effinjay
5PM SLT: Kinagree Smith Band
6PM SLT: Blindboink Parham
7PM SLT: Blane Sonnenkern

The performers are well-known and highly regarded, and kudos to both the performers and the organisers for joining forces for a great charity event. The festival is hosted at Lollygaggers Event Stage (rated Moderate), and I highly recommend that you come and drop by!



I’ll be blunt: The majority of the media coverage of Second Life has been sub-par for far too long. It’s been a combination of an overhyping and dismissal as a “failed project” rollercoaster, and gossipy sensationalism focusing on the virtual world’s sexual aspect in a scandal-mongering manner. Another problem with much of the coverage SL has seen in its eleven years of existence is the attitude of many journalists / pundits: they don’t let facts get in the way of their story.

Marlon McDonald

Marlon McDonald, prolific contributor for, wrote yet another scandal-mongering article on sex in Second Life.

One would probably expect something better after all these years. But, sadly, cut-throat clickbait competition for notoriety and / or ad-generated revenue makes the gossipy, sensationalist, scandal-mongering, stereotype-milking approach every bit as attractive for web-based outlets and columnists as it’s ever been for their “old media” counterparts. So, I’m not surprised to see the same old stories get regurgitated ad nauseam by pundits new and “established”. A recent example of such a pundit is Mr. Marlon McDonald, prolific contributor to In his quest for page views and notoriety which will get him featured on the website’s homepage in his chosen category, he wrote yet another article in which he presented Second Life as little more than a cesspool of debauchery, pornography, virtual prostitution etc. Inara Pey proceeded to write a very nice rebuttal to Mr. McDonald’s article, and I highly recommend that you share it with others. She also blogged about her rebuttal here.

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