Lollygagger Lane Slumrock Festival 2014

Lollygagger Lane Slumrock Festival 2014

With all that’s been going on in RL lately, I nearly forgot to post about this year’s Lollygagger Lane Slumrock Festival, which is now in its sixth year. This year’s festival started yesterday (December 19th) and goes on through tomorrow (December 21st). All money raised during the festival will go  to a homeless shelter in Prague. The list of performers is as follows:

Friday, December 19th (yesterday)

12PM SLT: DJ p
1PM SLT: Russell Eponym
2PM SLT: Engrama
3PM SLT: Oblee
4PM SLT: Nance Brody
5PM SLT: SaraMarie Philly
6PM SLT: Anek Fuchs
7PM SLT: Amforte Clarity
8PM SLT: Loreen Legion

Saturday, December 20th (today)

12PM SLT: DJ Pepper
1PM SLT: Phoenix J
2PM SLT: Caasi Ansar
3PM SLT: Bartelby Pegler
4PM SLT: Whirligig Rutabaga
5PM SLT: Voodoo Shilton
6PM SLT: The Follow
7PM SLT: Blue4u Nowicka
8PM SLT: Rosedrop Rust

Sunday, December 21st

12PM SLT: Peet Peterman
1PM SLT:  Jaynine Scarborough
2PM SLT: nnoiz Papp
3PM SLT: Nad Gough
4PM SLT: Effinjay
5PM SLT: Kinagree Smith Band
6PM SLT: Blindboink Parham
7PM SLT: Blane Sonnenkern

The performers are well-known and highly regarded, and kudos to both the performers and the organisers for joining forces for a great charity event. The festival is hosted at Lollygaggers Event Stage (rated Moderate), and I highly recommend that you come and drop by!




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  1. Nice – love to see this show of international kindness. Don’t know most of these performers, but I’m sure if they are all as talented and fun as Voodoo Shilton, everyone had a great time. Kudos to all:)

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