“Speculum” by Giovanna Cerise at LEA6

Giovanna Cerise is one of the many great Italian artists active in Second Life, and one I particularly admire. Last Wednesday, February 18th, she opened her new installation at LEA6, with the rather surprising title Speculum – I’m sure several people will end up visiting my blog expecting to see something else (ahem), and I’m sure they’ll be rather disappointed.

The notecard accompanying her invitation described the build as:

The mirror, as multiplicity and continuous playback.
The mirror, where the invisible overlaps the original and the hidden appears suddenly.
The mirror, as an illusion of which you can not do without.
The mirror as a projection in an unreal dimension.
The mirror that opens the door to ….

Having already covered the double exhibit Arithmos and …Give the Numbers! back in 2013, I know Giovanna tends to offer extremely intricate builds. Speculum is no exception; the main part of the exhibit is a corridor of lenses shrouded in a black shadow, propped-up by a system of extremely complex and seemingly chaotic wooden frames. Similar frames can be found in other parts of the exhibit. Surrounding this corridor, to which you can teleport by clicking on the mirror cog raised on a pole next to the landing point, are huge cogs representing mirrors, and figures with cog-like heads holding up mirrors with cog-like frames.

Giovanna is well-known for exploiting the interplay between space, geometric shapes, light and shadow to bring her builds to life and offer different ways of experiencing them. She has followed this practice in Speculum as well; to fully enjoy it, she recommends two different windlight settings: Verdigris and Sunset. I used the former for the photos accompanying this post.


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