The return of the Neuropuppet

NOTICE: The article below deals with adult topics and fantasies and contains fetish imagery. If you are offended by such topics and / or are not a legal adult, I suggest you leave this instant.

The StG (Surrender to Gravity) Neuropuppet

The StG (Surrender to Gravity) Neuropuppet, an RLV attachment designed by Sian Wytchwood; a blog post by her prompted me to discuss certain points, as well as certain aspects of sexual exploration within SL. Please click on the image for the full-size version.

Back in 2014, Sian Pearl (of Chariot and MetaTheodora fame) had announced the release of an RLV mask / spine / drone control system named the Neuropuppet; the initial design was done by Dreampaint Loon – in fact, it was her “Remote Drone Rig”. Seeing that I was experimenting with RLV scripts and drone communications bulbs at the time, she graciously asked me to provide the scripts for the whole system.

The second, more "tame" version of the Neuropuppet." Please click on the image for the full-size version.

The second, more “tame” version of the Neuropuppet.” Please click on the image for the full-size version.

So, in September 2014, the Neuropuppet was launched through a sub-brand named Surrender to Gravity. It sold quite well, but eventually it was withdrawn from the marketplace because Sian didn’t really feel at home with its concept and semiotics.

Dreampaint Loon's "Remote Drone Rig", which ended up becoming the "Surrender to Gravity Neuropuppet"

Dreampaint Loon’s “Remote Drone Rig”, which ended up becoming the “Surrender to Gravity Neuropuppet”. Image courtesy of Dreampaint Loon. Original picture on DeviantArt (requires log-in, as it is rated “mature”). Please click on the picture for the full-size version.

However, after many IMs we both received, the decision was made to re-release it as a fatpack containing both versions, the original, more ominous-looking one as designed by Dreampaint Loon, and the second version, which is more “tame”. Both versions consist of rigged (the spine) and non-rigged mesh parts, and they come, once again, with copy and modify permissions.

Please note that the Neuropuppet is materials-enhanced, i.e. it features normal and specular maps. So, unless your computer is very old and cannot support the Advanced Lighting Mode without slowing down to a crawl, ditching the normal and specular maps in favour of “classic” shininess is not advised, because, at least in my eyes, it just doesn’t do justice to Sian’s original mesh.

Sadly, there is very little time for me or Sian to provide any meaningful customer support. However, if you are so inclined, you can re-script it to your liking, especially when it comes to the RLV controls. You can acquire the Neuropuppet fatpack here. There is also a demo version, if you want to try it on before you buy.

Even if you opt to not use the RLV scripts, I think the Neuropuppet will make a worthy addition to your cyberpunk / sci-fi wardrobe and will help enhance your roleplay.




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