Daily Archives: July 25, 2017

It took me nearly eight months to sit down and write a post about anything. The past two years have been fraught with all sorts of RL difficulties, some of which were exacerbated by in-world events I hinted at in some of my past posts. It was a very hard, uphill struggle, but I found the courage to carry on through therapy and all other efforts I took to pull myself up. Now, our (yes, our) life seems like it’s back on track. Getting my life back and getting it back in order was an arduous, painstaking process, and it necessitated a serious offloading of baggage – and much of this baggage had to do with SL. A clean-up was in order.

Today, I made a blog-related decision that will certainly cost me a good number of pageviews, but I decided the emotional benefit from removing that stuff was infinitely more important than having pageviews from a community I don’t care to even pretend to flatter, as my experience with D/s “romance” was immensely painful. I deleted the essays on the topic of D/s (Dominance and submission) that I had written in 2012 and 2013, and moved several others to other, more appropriate, categories. You can call it “The Great Purge”, if you like.

Usually, when I update a post, I make the changes visible for the sake of transparency and honesty, and, if it’s something I had first published elsewhere, I mention where I had originally posted it; if anything, this approach made it clear how my views on certain topics evolved over time, and why. Not this time. It was way too personal. I decided to sever all bonds. After what I’d been through, and considering where I’ve come back from, I didn’t want my blog to offer pro-D/s catechetic material. After all, if a dom(me) needs such material, other dom(me)s and subs have made sure there’s plenty of drivel on the internet and in bookstores, all of it written either from the dom(me)’s point-of-view, some of it with the express or implied purpose of indoctrinating subs, or written to satisfy the writer’s dom(me). So, if you’ve come to my blog from a D/s-related website that listed me as a fine proponent of D/s, you’ll be disappointed. The pro-D/s posts aren’t here anymore. Perhaps you’ll have better luck if you try any of the various internet archiving services. I know it’ll cost me perhaps up to half my page views, but I don’t care.

Over the next few days, the only D/s-related posts that’ll remain will be my blunt, rude and brutally honest critique of D/s, my heavily-edited post on the “drop”, and my post on “separating the wheat from the chaff” w.r.t. dom(me)s in SL (funnily enough, it was also liked by the exact person who had earned the “chaff” characterisation with her behaviour towards me). And that’s it about D/s; it shall not be a subject matter for any of my future blog posts. There are other things in SL that I find a lot more interesting and pleasant to talk about. Also, I’ll sit down to reorganise my blog, in order to make past, present, and future posts easier to read.

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