The Basilique is closing

The Basilique, 29 October 2014

The Basilique, 29 October 2014. Click on any image to open it in its full-size version on Flickr (they all open in a new tab).

Another historical region on the Second Life grid is going to close its doors, and I am especially saddened to hear that this particular sim is closing. On her blog, Canary “Becky” Beck announced yesterday that her region, the Basilique (Isoloto di Garda) will close on the 30th of September, unless someone steps in by the 23rd to take over the region to keep it alive; if this happens, not only the region, but also the use of all public buildings and furnishings will be transferred.

The Basilique tonight.

The Basilique tonight.

The Basilique had become known for its elegant, Venetian-inspired design, and was also the venue of the now-legendary avatar dance performance of John Milton’s famous epic “Paradise Lost”. In more recent times, an attempt was made to attract tenants in order to recoup part of the maintenance costs, which meant that several of the already existing buildings, which were made by Van Auster, were replaced by British-style neoclassical ones made by Apple Fall. Also, various other changes and enhancements were made to the look of the region, including an even more majestic interior decoration for the Basilica, where “Paradise Lost” was performed.

The performance of “Paradise Lost” was not the Basilique’s only claim to cultural fame in SL. Group members could participate in the chat salons that were held almost every Wednesday at a repurposed chapel, and poetry and literature reading sessions were held regularly at Harvey’s Bar.

The majestic interior of the Basilica, where "Paradise Lost" was performed.

The majestic interior of the Basilica, where “Paradise Lost” was performed.

This place has a special place in my heart, and I will be deeply saddened to see it go. On the other hand, I understand very well that it was Becky’s ideas, creativity, and vision that made it the unique architectural, stylistic, and cultural landmark in Second Life that we many of us became so fond of.


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  1. Oh I’m sad to hear that too. I spent time at Basilique when I returned to SL after a long absence. It really had a northern Italian atmosphere and I enjoyed the discussions and met many people there. Her virtual theater was an amazing accomplishment. Though I haven’t been there in awhile I wish Becky well in all of her creative endeavours.


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