Going To The Max for Maxwell Graf

Maxwell Graf's shop on the Rustica sim.

Maxwell Graf’s shop on the Rustica sim. Click on the image for its full-size version.

On Friday, I bore to the SL blogosphere the news of a notice published on Plurk by Maxwell Graf, one of Second Life’s most respected content creators, known mostly for his medieval-themed furniture and decor, which he sells through his brand, Rustica (marketplace storein-world landmarkblog). In said notice, he explained how he and his wife were getting evicted from their home through the callous behaviour of her siblings. Very quickly, people rallied around to assist him, which is admirable and very heart-warming and encouraging in a very dark era. Already, Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative (in-world store, marketplace) fame got to work over the weekend to organise a fundraising event for him.

Charlotte Bartlett's flyer for the fundraising event in support of Max Graf.

Charlotte Bartlett’s flyer for the fundraising event in support of Max Graf.

The event will run from October 3 to October 10, and it will be on a sim sponsored by Callie Cline. The exact location will be confirmed in the next few days. Already, numerous highly regarded content creators like Apple Fall, Besom, Cheeky Pea, Galland Homes, ISON, Mad Pea, Robin Sojourner, Scarlet Creative (of course) have confirmed their participation, and more are being added by the hour. In the meantime, I highly recommend that you go to Rustica and buy whatever tickles your fancy. Max’s merchandise is of excellent quality, and he’s a very talented and experienced designer – and an all-around great guy to have around. Watch this space!


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  1. will be there with bells on, have been through similar trauma with my own family/estate crápula and would love to help ❤

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