Going To The Max For Maxwell Graf – Habemus SLurl and a bit more…

Final #ForMax flyer

The final, fully-updated flyer for the #ForMax event. Click on the image for its full-size version (all images open in new tabs).

Hello everyone, and sorry for the delay, but you know how RL is. Only a few more hours remain until the #ForMax event in support of Maxwell Graf and his wife Lyyric Fei opens its doors. You can see numerous teasers at the event’s Facebook page, and there have been a few changes: The sim is sponsored by famed and extremely talented SL architect Apple Fall, and it’s located here (rated: Moderate). Again, the event will take place from 3 October to 10 October, and will not only feature shopping, but live events, raffles, and more as well.

The set-up of the #ForMax event.

The set-up of the #ForMax event.

In the meantime, I’d like to give you a little teaser myself, with some products I was given that will be sold at the event: A Halloween-themed costume from 1313 Mockingbird Lane, consisting of a specially-coloured version of their Malifae top and skirt set, wings, and horns, as well as a specially modified and coloured version of their Betty Boop slide mules; and Dahlia‘s Bali septum ring set.

The Malifae set for the #ForMax event.

The Malifae set for the #ForMax event.

And a close-up of my face, so you can see the septum ring…

The Dahlia "Bali" septum ring

The Dahlia “Bali” septum ring

Many thanks to both Tequilla and June Fallon, owners of 1313 Mockingbird and Dahlia respectively, for sending me these items to blog. Kudos and thanks to everyone involved, from the organisers and sponsors to the participating creators, and, of course, everyone who will attend the event! I hope to see you all soon at the event!


Shortlink: http://wp.me/p2pUmX-Sc