Going to the Max for Maxwell Graf – More news

ForMax - 3 October through 10 October

ForMax – 3 October through 10 October

The “Going To The Max” event to benefit renowned SL content creator Max Graf and his wife, who goes by the name Lyyric Fei in SL, is well under way and will conclude on the 10th of this months. The event, which was started by Charlotte Bartlett (owner of Scarlet Creative) and is co-organised by Sophia Harlow, Blazin Aubret, and Callie Cline, takes place on the Apple Fall sim, kindly donated by award-winning SL architect Apple Fall, with booths courteously donated by the organisers of the Shiny Shabby event. A publicly visible Facebook page has also been set up to spread information about the event.

A host of well-known SL content creators offering all types of products, from clothing to complete homes, and at all price points participate in the event. The proceedings from the sales of the vast majority of the goods on offer go 100% to Max and his wife. In my previous posts, I have already covered in greater detail the heartbreaking reasons that brought Max and Lyyric in the difficult situation they are in; thankfully, the response to his plight was this admirable, touching, and heart-warming initiative.

Final #ForMax flyer

ForMax – 3 October through 10 October

A raffle is also happening in the event, with the ticket costing L$100; to increase your chances of winning, you can purchase more tickets, and the draw will take place on the midday of the event’s last day. An auction is also planned, as well as a live event, which is yet to be scheduled.

#ForMax raffle.

ForMax raffle announcement

Besides the #ForMax event, well-known artist Kylie Sabra has set up a sale of her own artwork for the benefit of Max and Lyyric on her own land in the Antiquity regions. As announced on the Antiquity Times, she has set up an exhibition titled Benefiting Maxwell Graf, and it also runs from 3 October through 10 October. 90% of each sale will go to Max and Lyyric.

Benefiting Maxwell Graf

Benefiting Maxwell Graf – Works of art by Kylie Sabra, with 90% of each sale going to Max and Lyyric.

Kylie’s exquisitly-crafted art encompasses a wide range of styles and themes, from landscapes to abstracts, and is a worthy addition to the collection of any lover of digital art. I think it’s a good opportunity to purchase some fine art and, at the same time, offer money for a good cause.


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