Going To The Max for Maxwell Graf: Over One Million L$ Raised

ForMax - 3 October through 10 October

ForMax – 3 October through 10 October; over L$1,000,000 raised to assist Max and Lyyric

Tuesday was the final day of the #ForMax event, which was organised in an amazingly short time by Charlotte Bartlett, Sophia Harlow, and Blazin Aubret to raise as much money as possible to help Maxwell Graf, one of the most highly-respected SL content creator, and his RL wife, Lyyric Fei. Max and Lyyric found themselves suddenly in an appalling, heart-breaking situation that rendered them homeless through the callous and selfish behaviour of other parties. Award-winning SL architect Apple Fall and the organisers of the Shiny Shabby event also offered generous assistance; Apple Fall donated his sim, and Shiny Shabby offered the booths for the event.

On the event’s Facebook page, Charlotte wrote:

Thank you – we did it!
The ForMax Event has come to a close. I am literally shaking as I write this, as the level of love, help and generosity of the Second Life Community has shown us what true spirit means. The amount raised has topped across the donations/raffle and creator items over 1,000,000 Linden. This hopefully gives our Max a safety net for the short term so he and his family can start to plan their new chapter. A list of all sales is already available to Max for audit (locked script) and donations/raffle in addition.

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With current LindeX data, this provides Max and Lyyric with a safety net in the USD 4,000 ballpark, which will help them get back on their feet and start their life anew in a new home. Additionally and simultaneously, renowned artist Kylie Sabra had run a sale of her artwork to aid Max and Lyyric, although I don’t know right now how that went. I’ll try to communicate with her today or tomorrow.

Benefiting Maxwell Graf

Benefiting Maxwell Graf – An additional sale of works of art by Kylie Sabra, with 90% of each sale going to Max and Lyyric.

This is not the first time a respected member of the SL community has found themselves in need of help, and this is not the first time the community responded swiftly, rallying around in support and yielding impressive amounts of aid.

Those of you who have missed the #ForMax event can still help, and, in fact, we can all continue helping, Max and Lyyric, by purchasing some of his extensive range of high-quality furniture, decorations, building kits, apparel, and accessories from Rustica, his beautiful in-world mainstore.

Many thanks go to Charlotte, Sophia, Blazin, Apple Fall, the organisers of Shiny Shabby, all the participating merchants, the bloggers who covered the event, everyone who helped spread the word, and the visitors of the event. I would also like to extend my warmest wishes to Max and Lyyric, hoping they’ll rebuild their life quickly and that happier times are ahead for them.


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