Daily Archives: December 19, 2017

We’re now in the penultimate week before Christmas, and I’d like to give you my best wishes for the festive season, whatever it may be you’re celebrating; Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa – enjoy it with happiness, love, warmth, good health, and prosperity – and with your loved ones around you. After a much-needed self-imposed hiatus, I’ve resumed blogging, but, after a serious rethink of my relationship with Second Life, not with the same frequency and regularity I once did. I’m going to be away until at least the Epiphany holiday (January 6), but there are already several posts in the pipeline for the period between January and March:

  • An updated post on the topic of Second Life (and, subsequently, OpenSim) camera offsets;
  • A long overdue presentation and review of the [DFC] Clothing Design System by Dragon Forge Creations;
  • A post on intellectual property protection, drawing ideas from the approach set forth by Will Burns in this post;
  • A post on the no-mod epidemic and the misconceptions and fear about what copybot viewers can really do, aiming to clear the smoke a bit;
  • An interview with Zany Zen about her ZZR railway.

Naturally, everything will be scheduled according to how much time I have on my hands. That said, there is something I’d like to say on a marketing strategy that is being employed by several content creators in SL.

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