Wishes for the Festive Season

We’re now in the penultimate week before Christmas, and I’d like to give you my best wishes for the festive season, whatever it may be you’re celebrating; Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa – enjoy it with happiness, love, warmth, good health, and prosperity – and with your loved ones around you. After a much-needed self-imposed hiatus, I’ve resumed blogging, but, after a serious rethink of my relationship with Second Life, not with the same frequency and regularity I once did. I’m going to be away until at least the Epiphany holiday (January 6), but there are already several posts in the pipeline for the period between January and March:

  • An updated post on the topic of Second Life (and, subsequently, OpenSim) camera offsets;
  • A long overdue presentation and review of the [DFC] Clothing Design System by Dragon Forge Creations;
  • A post on intellectual property protection, drawing ideas from the approach set forth by Will Burns in this post;
  • A post on the no-mod epidemic and the misconceptions and fear about what copybot viewers can really do, aiming to clear the smoke a bit;
  • An interview with Zany Zen about her ZZR railway.

Naturally, everything will be scheduled according to how much time I have on my hands. That said, there is something I’d like to say on a marketing strategy that is being employed by several content creators in SL.

More specifically, it’s about the outfit I’m wearing for this post. It’s an admittedly drop-dead gorgeous dress-and-shoes combination by Addams (shoes sold separately). What’s so noteworthy about the marketing strategy? Well, the dress comes in cotton, suede, and glitter versions. You can purchase (please note that the prices listed are at the time of writing and the creator may change them at any time, for any reason, without notice):

  • A HUD-powered fatpack that offers you every colour of all different fabric versions – cotton (which are called “common” in the fatpack’s HUD), suede, or glitter, priced at L$1,299;
  • A mini-fatpack for the glitter versions, priced at L$699;
  • A mini-fatpack for the suede versions, again priced at L$699;
  • The dress in cotton fabric, in single-colour versions, each priced at L$199.
All decked out for the season's parties.

All decked out for the parties of the festive season. As usual, please click on the image to open its full-size version (opens in a new browser tab).

Of course, the most convenient option is to purchase the full fatpack, which offers everything and the kitchen sink. However, people may either want to be more frugal, especially given that SL is now viewed by many as a luxury pastime, now that the middle class which constitutes SL’s client base has been robbed of its jobs and wages to save the lazy asses an idle, cocaine-snorting, parasitic cadre of ridiculously and undeservedly rich corporate welfare queens, looters, moochers, and white-collar criminals who have the nerve to call themselves “makers” and “job creators”. Or, buyers may be rather particular and selective in their taste. For instance, one may want to buyonly one glitter colour, two suede colours, and one cotton colour. In that scenario, if single-colour versions for every option existed, she would pay L$796. But now, she can’t do it; she’ll have to choose between buying:

  • The glitter and suede packs and the single-colour cotton version, at a total of L$1,597, or;
  • The full fatpack at L$1,299.

Another scenario is when the buyer only wants one or two glitter colours and one or two suede versions and nothing more; or just one glitter colour. In this case, the maximum she’d pay for the four single-colour versions, had they been available, would be – again – L$796, but now she’ll have to either purchase the two packs (glitter and suede) for L$1,398, or the full fatpack for L$1,299. And if she wants just one glitter or suede colour, she doesn’t have the option of paying L$199, but she must pay L$699. Quite a few buyers have already voiced their objection to this. Honestly, I do wish these versions were available as single colours, but I also understand the reasoning behind the creator’s decision to only offer them as mini-fatpacks. Designing and rigging a clothing article for so many mesh bodies is already hard enough. Preparing HUDs for each and every single-colour version is, in and of itself, another tedious process. Plus, there are cases where purchasing a bunch of single-colour versions would actually cost more than purchasing the whole fatpack. But still, it’d be nice to have the single-colour option for all different fabrics.

The dress itself is very nicely made and textured, with the folds down the middle of the front looking incredibly realistic, and the same goes for the shoes, which use scripted shininess (it looks more like specular maps) to make the gems shine. The dress also follows your mesh body movement’s quite faithfully, and doesn’t give any undue problems. It also has a panty, the colour of which you can change via HUD, or you can switch off completely, if you prefer this look.

And now, let’s see what I’m wearing…

  • Shape: My own
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh BodyMaitreya Lara v4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
  • Mesh Head:  LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Gaia 2.3 by Mallory Cowen
  • Skin Applier: LAQ ~Maitreya Body Applier [Nougat]
    • LAQ ~ Tasha Head Applier [Nougat]
    • LAQ ~ Smokey Eyes Applier
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Chita 2 by KateForster Akina
  • Dress: Addams  // Gabrielle Dress // Maitreya by AmaliaRainwood (announced on Addams’ official Flickr photostream)
  • Shoes: Addams // Gabrielle Diamants Shoes // Maitreya
  • Pose: an lar [poses] – The Arica Series – Five by Katya Valeska
  • Backdrop: Mesh India Neon Backdrop Purple by Karthikeyan Engineer
  • Location: My own workshop / sandbox


Shortlink: https://wp.me/p2pUmX-TM


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