The Brand New Colony, revisited

Brand New Colony (February 2018).

Brand New Colony (February 2018). As always, click on any photo to view its full-size version (opens in a new tab).

Last September, I had visited Bunny and Mimara Blessed’s (Svelte Blessed, and Mimara, respectively) beautifully-designed adult-rated region named Brand New Colony, and wrote about my exploration of it. In the meantime, the build moved to a new location and was also subjected to a radical redesign. Although I visited the redesigned, and still work-in-progress, build soon after its relocation, RL obligations meant I had to postpone writing about it.

Brand New Colony (February 2018)

Brand New Colony (February 2018)

Of course, Brand New Colony is still owned by the Blessed family, and it still reflects their interest in adult themes. The redesign was carried out by Bunny and Mimara, with assistance from Seren La Croix (torturedstar Resident), and this reiteration adds interesting and attention-grabbing elements of fantasy. In keeping with the September 2017 look, the build places its points of interest on several islands surrounded turbulent waters that flow between tall mountains. The largest island is dominated by a villa not unlike the ones you would see in Tuscany, or in places like the old town of Monemvasia, Greece. A stone stairway connects the villa to a terrace by the water, where a yacht is moored.

Brand New Colony (February 2018)

Brand New Colony (February 2018)

Island hopping is a tad different from the September 2017 iteration, as some of the islands float in mid-air, having somehow broken free from the bondage of gravity; boulders and rocks spinning and floating, themselves also no longer obeying the laws of gravity, are a pointer that the islands were somehow pried out of their original place and were not brought there. The floating islands, however, have not been allowed to fly upwards into the sky above, but they remain connected to their neighbours with huge, rusted chains that also act as bridges. The smallest island is a vantage point with a spectacular view of the entire region.

A view of the Brand New Colony from the vantage point of its highest island.

A view of the Brand New Colony from the vantage point of its highest island.

If you don’t want to brave the chain bridges, however, you can use the region’s teleport system, which has the form of chalk board signs. Clicking on them will give you a destination list. Then, all you have to do is give permission to the local experience and, from then on, teleports will be automatic. Other places of interest on the island are a shrine-like gazebo adorned with statues and assorted decor and pieces of art, a Roma (gypsy) camp, and an elven house in a forest near the Roma camp.

Brand New Colony (February 2018)

Brand New Colony (February 2018)

All in all, the new iteration of the Brand New Colony retains the beauty of its original form, but also adds many new fascinating elements that will make your stay there extremely pleasant. Be advised, though, that the region is very rich in high-resolution textures, which will take a while to load and might reduce the frame rates on lesser computers considerably.


SLurl: Brand New Colony (Rated: Adult)

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