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The Somdari station.

The ZZR’s Somdari station (rated: Moderate). As always, please click on any picture for its full-size version, which opens in a new window.

My good friend and neighbour Zen Swords (ZenriaCo Resident), a.k.a. the Zany Zen, has been working on her labour of love, the Zany Zen Railway (ZZR for short), for a few years now, documenting her efforts and progress on her SL feed, and we’ve hung around quite a bit as she was working on her narrow gauge locomotives, train station builds, and other infrastructure. Yes, the locomotives, carriages, buildings, and many other pieces of decor were made by her, using the in-world build tools and third-party in-world mesh creation systems and converters. At this stage, the ZZR consists of four stations (Somdari, Ahndang, Seogyeo, and Little Coverston)  I found her work really fascinating, with many quaint, humorous, realistic, and even whimsical details and touches, and we’ve been talking about arranging an interview for some time now. Eventually, we managed to find some time and today I’m giving you this interview.

The Zany Zen

The Zany Zen

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