Back in Rubber

NOTICE: The subject of this post is of an erotic, fetishistic, and romantic nature. If you are not legally allowed to read such material, and / or if such readings offend you, I suggest you leave right now.

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I’ve had a genuine fascination for latex and fetish clothing and gear ever since I first came across such fetish imagery, many years ago. Since then, many of my fantasies, erotic and romantic, were fuelled by said imagery. When I was a young adult in university, such outfits were well above my financial reach. Even after my graduation, indulging in such desires within Second Life made a lot more sense, from a purely financial point of view. Plus, SL offers the opportunity to do and even become things that are downright impossible in RL.

One of these impossible fantasies of mine is to be permanently fully encased in latex; the smooth, shiny material concealing me and acting as a sort of stimulating and titillating interface between me and the world, with various restrictions placed upon me. There have been, in fact, a few periods in my SL, that I spent all of my in-world time like that. One such time was from late October 2012 to the end of 2014. Because of some extremely hurtful events that took place at the end of that period, I had made the decision to stay away from latex from then on.

Over time, I recovered. I went back to doing things I liked. Gradually, I disassociated my fetishes, my desires, and affinity for latex from that contemptible and grossly overrated individual. I took back myself: my wishes, my dreams, my wants, my thoughts, my desires, my fetishes – everything. I started trying things out again, to see if I could feel good with them again. I did.

So, here I am… Again.

Style credits for this post:

  • Mesh Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara v5.0 Tattoo Layer by Onyx LeShelle
  • Latex Hood:  NGW Danaide Hood v1.02 (rigged) 3.05 by Diane (xXnarayaXx Resident)
  • Collar: NGW Danaide Collar v1.01
  • Corset: NGW Andromede Corset S3
  • Boots: NGW Hera boots classic v1 (strappy)
  • Gloves: [DHB] Latex Gloves by haojie86 Resident
  • Catsuit: .:B1:. Latex Classic Catsuit Solid Maitreya (tattoo layer) by Allison Black (theoriginalblackone Resident)
  • Gag: chainZ – HoodPlug (Long) by Sunachamon Xue
  • Skin: LAQ ~ Lina BOM skin (No brows) – tone 3.0 by Mallory Cowen (it’s really irrelevant here, though)
  • Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes – Coffee (S) by Ikon Innovia (again, they’re irrelevant here)
  • Poses: Body Language SLC various standing animations by manmoth Nishi
  • Communication Implant: ER IconTalk by Honey Puddles (Winter Ventura)
  • Reflections / Lights: [Daemon115] Shiny Latex Lights – Full Perm by Raelyn Beatty

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