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The Café, Chicland - March 2021

A black-haired man leisurely reading his newspaper outside a café. On the left, a car is parked.
The Café, Chicland – March 2021

Lilo Denimore’s ChicChica is one of my favourite shoe stores; were it an RL shoe firm, I’m sure it’d be competing head-to-head with the likes of Giuseppe Zanotti, and it’d most likely lay claim to a fair bit of my income. I actually visit Lilo’s blog quite often, and her photos have given me inspiration for various outfits I’ve put together in the past. Recently, Lilo moved her shop to a new sim named ChicLand, and it didn’t take long for me to learn that this move was part of a more ambitious sim-building project: besides hosting her store, it’s also a fully-landscaped region open to visitors.

The Park, ChicLand - March 2021

A park seen from above and to the right; in the foreground, on the lower-left corner of the picture, there is an outdoors clock overlooking a table with a chess set and two benches for the players. A small circular plaza on the top-right corner hosts a hexagonal fountain with a statue of a nude woman in it.
The Park, ChicLand – March 2021

The store is conveniently placed at a high altitude in a skybox, so it doesn’t get in the way of your exploration and photography. You can visit it by following the big arrow in front of you at the landing point. To explore ChicLand, though, all you have to do is turn around and walk down the steps that take you to a beautiful urban setting which might remind you of places like New York and Paris. Before you do so, you might want to stop for a while at the nearby café – or you can get back here after you’ve finished your exploration of the area. You’ll also find ingeniously chosen and placed static NPC figures that make the area look populated and alive by creating lovely vignettes for the enthusiastic photographer in you.

"Don't worry, I'll get you another ice cream", ChicLand - March 2021

A mother, on her knees, comforting her young daughter in front of an ice cream stand. Before them, an upturned ice cream cone lies on the tree-lined sidewalk.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get you another ice cream”, ChicLand – March 2021

The main feature is a broad avenue, lined with trees and town houses. As you walk along the avenue, it turns slightly left and there you’ll find a section of what looks like a Bailey bridge acting as a gateway of sorts for the farmers’ market, which is off-limits for automobiles. You can take the walkway behind the avenue and walk back to the landing point; to your right, there is a walled garden, adorned by the statue of two elves in love, a fountain, and a chess set laid out on a table, with an outdoors clock right next to it.

The Elven Lovers, ChicLand - March 2021

A statue in a park showing two elves, one male and one female, in a loving embrace.
The Elven Lovers, ChicLand – March 2021

On the north side of the park, a gate takes you to an entranceway that, by way of a brick bridge, leads to a pretty Tuscan farmhouse sitting atop a hill with steep sides; the area overseen by it it is quite pastoral, with an orchard where a few goats play, a cow in the stable, a vineyard, and so on. A dirt path leads to the east, where you can find a playground and a Romany caravan, as well as a bar and a small beach. A catamaran is moored in the waters, and a lighthouse warns against the dangerous rock in the mouth of the cove.

Hopscotch, ChicLand - March 2021

A pigeon  stands on the walkway, looking at the hopschotch markings.
Hopscotch, ChicLand – March 2021

ChicLand is a delight to behold and explore, and it is filled with clever, sensitive, and cute details that will certainly bring a smile to your face: cats stalking pigeons on a fountain; a mother and a daughter in front of an ice cream kiosk, perhaps to replace an ice cream that now lies upturned on the sidewalk; a cat sleeping outside the door of a house – and so on. There’s really a lot to enjoy here, and I must commend Lilo for managing to include such variety and richness without turning the region into a lag monster.

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