Daily Archives: April 4, 2021

NOTICE: This post’s subject matter is fetish accessories. If you are offended by fetish attire and accessories, I suggest you leave right now.

In general, I rarely post reviews of in-world products or services on my blog. However, from time to time there comes a moment when something catches my eye and I want to share it with my readers. The NGW Round Buns I’m reviewing here have given me such an occasion. On 1 April, Diane (xXnarayaXx Resident) announced on her Flickr account the launch of three accessories for latex hoods (either her own or others’). These are the Round Buns I’m reviewing here, and then there are the Pigtails and the Horns Buns.

NGW Round Buns
The NGW Round Buns.

In all honesty, not reviewing all three items is a conscious choice I’ve made, based on my personal aesthetic tastes. I’m not a fan of pigtails; I do like twin ponytails in lieu of pigtails – flowing, rich, and long, all the way down to the waist, or even going further down. But pigtails that only go to one’s shoulders have never been my thing; they’re a bit too Pippi Longstocking for me. The Horns Buns didn’t really do much for me, either. But I do love buns, and they’ve been an integral part of my outfits that don’t have me fully encased in latex for at least a year now. So, as soon as I saw the buns at the NGW mainstore, I went and bought them.

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