Maybe you’re enabling abuse and harassment (and fooling yourself and others you’re not)?

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Yes, I’m talking about you. You fancy yourself as a perfectly well-meaning person. You’re a Bible-thumping, God-fearing, church-going, pro-lifeanti-choice, family values paragon of our society’s oh-so-WASPish moral standards. You’re a garbage-separating, recycling, vegan-and-proud-of-it, organic-eating, Tesla-driving hipster, acting all woke and shit, riding every bandwagon that you think’ll make you look more progressive. And there you are, on Plurk, on Twitter, on various forums “for those in the know”, regurgitating (sorry, did I offend you by not calling it “sharing”?) every morsel of mean-spirited, malicious, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, prudish, racist, oftentimes even libelous gossip you’ve found on the already well-known cesspools and voraciously devoured less than an hour ago.

You’re a close friend of the owners and managers of said cesspools. “They’re cool people,” you say. “It’s not their fault that people post smack about others,” you say. “This sort of crap would be posted somewhere anyway,” you say. “Who are we to mess with freedom of speech?”, you say. That’s the party line of the cesspool management, which you choose to parrot.

Why wouldn’t you? After all, they’re your buddies. And they’re your buddies, because you want them to be your buddies. Even if you weren’t buddies before they got the cesspool running, you want to be buddies with them, because they’re kind-of a big deal in this little place you call a “community” – be it Second Life, your local blogosphere, or your social media echo chamber. They’re the “cool kids”, the Queen Bees, the Leaders. You want to be around them. You need to be around them. To be given some of their imaginary halo’s light and to have your existence validated by their popularity and influence. In exchange for the privilege of validation through association, you defend their every action, whitewash it, turn your mind and yourself into a pretzel and perform all sorts of reasoning acrobatics and contortionist feats to justify it.

And there you are, idly chatting with the rest of the clique about how badly people misunderstand the cesspool and the well-meaning of its owners. After all, they do have a link to a suicide prevention hotline and urge the victims of their “contributors” to seek psychiatric help, so they’re really good people and can no longer be held to account for the cannibalisation they enable and encourage, for the harm they enable to get some ad-generated revenue. Yes, they’re making money out of all this. They’re making money out of dragging people’s names (or nicknames, it doesn’t matter) through the mud, out of stirring up strife, which can often have RL consequences. That’s BLOOD MONEY. And you – yes, you – are enabling them to profiteer from this, and you’re defending their practices.

Well, I have news for you: you’re fucking delusional. Yes, you read that right. You’re delusional. You think these people are your friends, but they’ll gladly allow their “contributors” to throw your spineless (I’ll get to that later) arse to the dogs. Oh yes, they will. After all, you’re old enough and big enough to defend yourself, it’s just anonymous gossip, it doesn’t really affect you, it’s harmless I tells ya and, if it affects you so much, why don’t you click on that suicide prevention hotline link? That’s what your cesspool-running friend will tell you, while (s)he’s laughing all the way to the bank. Remember, this traffic brings ads, and ads bring revenue.

And why am I calling you “spineless”? Because you are. Because you feel the sodding need to be in a clique, even though you know that your clique’s ringleaders run a business whose product is bullying and harassment – not that they’d be any better if they merely did it for the lulz. I’m calling you spineless, because you’ll sit your sorry excuse for an arse down and take the abuse, whenNOT if – you’re eventually targeted by your (alleged) friend’s clientele. And you’ll defend both your abuser’s God-given “right” to abuse, harass, libel, denigrate you and turn your existence into a living hell, and your friend’s right to make a buck from all this.

You’re spineless, because, in order to stay on your (alleged) friend’s good side, you’ve abandoned anything even remotely resembling human values and removed your vertebrae. Therefore, you have no means to stand up to them and say “I don’t want to be associated with someone who enables every lower form of life to maliciously target and harm others, and I can’t decide if doing this for fun or for profit makes you worse.” That’s what you’d have said if you had a spine and any semblance of principles. But you don’t, so enjoy being, and being seen as, a lackey, a lapdog, a tool for your leader. Your leader tells you to jump and you ask “how high?” – that’s what you are, like it or not; a lackey, a lapdog, a dogsbody of the lowest calibre. I don’t care how strong you might think you are when you’re jumping in with other invertebrates like you to attack whomever your leader tells you to. You’re pathetic and contemptible. And make no mistake: your turn will come. Sooner or later, your leader and your posse will turn on you, or your leader’s clients will target you. And that’s when you’ll be alone. There’ll be no sympathy or support for you. After all, you don’t deserve it.

And you’re complicit in all this, not only because you justify it, but also because you consume it, propagate it, and use the “input” that’s “contributed” to the gossip cesspools to inform your opinion of others. You’re giving these cesspools traffic and traction, not only by visiting them, but also by “innocently” passing their “knowledge” about. You are, willingly, enabling cowardly bullies and lapdogs of troll leaders destroy whatever social core Second Life claims to have – and to think you’re pretending to care about SL! You are the sort of person who enables the maggots to force people to resort to becoming recluses and virtual hermits in hopes that they’ll avoid being torn to bits by your clique and its clients. Even if you claim to read such sites out of “curiosity”, you’re enabling and empowering the filth-peddlers, and you’re no better than them (surprise, surprise!).

So, stop fooling yourself. You’re every bit as bad as the “contributors” of these sites. If you feel the need to consume and share this sort of shit, go see a psychiatrist – that’s not healthy at all. If you post there, you really need professional help so that you’ll learn to mind your own sodding business. And if you feel the need to befriend and make up excuses for those who provide platforms for bullying and harassment, then – again – you really need professional help.

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