Story writing revisited

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Way back in 2015, I had tried my hand at story writing, mostly as part of a much-needed and protracted healing process. Truth be told, while I do enjoy writing, I wasn’t particularly satisfied by what I’d written, so I decided to start over from scratch. What I’ve kept from that earlier effort is the first name of the main character, Arianna. From now on, though, her full name will be Arianna Zenovka.

What are these new stories going to be, though? Well, I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from the work of Huckleberry Hax and my conversations with him, as well as Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash novel. So, I opted this new start to consist of short stories, novellas, and maybe even the odd novel, all set in a virtual world, with a possible bleed between cyberspace and meatspace. After all, I never subscribed to the theory that our virtual existences aren’t influenced by our real life (RL) circumstances.

I chose to set my stories in a fictional virtual world named MetaMondo (MM for short), designed, developed, and run by a company named Dalbergia Research (DR for short). I’d be a liar if I claimed this fictional universe is devoid of analogies with Second Life. My inspiration for the stories comes from various sources: my experiences within Second Life, my Real Life experiences, stories I’ve heard, current events, even songs.

Of course, this won’t mean I’ll stop writing opinion pieces and analyses. I’m just adding another facet to my creative expressions. Furthermore, I’m not going to pretend that “adult” themes won’t be present in these works. If you’re looking for material “approved for all audiences”, go elsewhere. Then again, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know you could never possibly expect me to conform to such norms.

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  1. I look forward to reading about Arianna. Not certain I know where I will be able to read the stories. Will you post them here or is there a better place to find them?


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